Captain of Her Heart Ch. 07

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When we landed at home, I rushed to get through my work. I didn’t want to see her. I was afraid of what she’d say. I think it was the fastest I’d ever finished and I nearly ran down the gangplank, heading for the sanctity of Ryan’s apartment. I was surprised to find Ryan waiting for me at the ticket counter, chatting up Margaret again.

“Hello, Ryan.”

“Hey, sis!” He winked at her and gave me a huge hug. “Have a good flight?”

“Maybe I should ask you that question.”

“She’s cute. I couldn’t help myself.” He grinned, dusting his shoulders off as if he was wearing an expensive suit instead a jacket and jeans. “She gave me her number.”

“Well, good for you, but don’t piss her off. Remember, I have to work with her.”

“Work, shmerk.” He took my carry-all from my shoulder and put his arm around me. “She won’t cause you any problems once she gets a little of Sir Pumps-A-Lot.”

I shook my head at the nickname for his penis and laughed. “You are too much, Ry.”

“Hey, canlı bahis şirketleri Tawnya!” We stopped at the sound of Margaret’s voice and watched as she came running up to me. “Sorry, I forgot. Someone left you a message.”

“Okay. Thanks.” I tucked it into my pocket and ignored my curious brother, waving goodbye to her. “So, bro, what brings you here?”

“A bit of news.”


“Let’s go have some dinner and I’ll tell you.”

We chose a Japanese steak place and he told me that he had overheard his mother mentioning something about a second will when she was talking to her lawyer. The problem was that the old lawyer had died and since his files had been burned in a suspicious fire at the storage center, there was no trace of it, something that played in my stepmother’s favor. But I knew my father. He kept extra copies of everything. I just had to find out where it was before she did and destroyed it.

“Where do you think it could be?”

“I don’t know.” canlı kaçak iddaa I said, sitting back in my chair, stuffed with mushrooms and filet mignon. “I’ve got some good idea, though.”

“She hasn’t taken anything out of the house yet so we’re in luck.”

“That doesn’t help me!”

“Yes, it does. I can take her shopping or out to dinner or something and give you some time to check around.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“It is a plan.” Ryan wiped his mouth. “I have to use the bathroom. I’ll take care of the bill on the way back.”

“Thanks, Ry. I really appreciate it.”

“Just let me bone Margaret and we’re even.” He gave me a wink and sauntered off. I started thinking about Dad’s hiding places when the corner of the envelope stuck me in the rib. I had forgotten about the message from Margaret. I pulled it out and opened the card.


I start this letter not really knowing what to say. Fucking you that night was the hottest thing in the world. I think canlı kaçak bahis I came as many times as you did but you didn’t know it and the words you said today really stuck with me. You were very correct about me. I’ve never wanted to have a relationship. I lost my parents when I was very young and I never got over it. When you said that to me, it brought up old memories that I hadn’t visited in a long time and I was almost distraught the entire flight. My landing was rough and I was left of the center line. Absolutely horrible.

You do something to me, Tawnya. I was speaking the truth when I said that I’d heard about you. Several of the girls told me about your arrogant flirting and your legendary fucking expertise and I decided that you needed to be brought down a few pegs. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I was jealous of the way the girls talked about you, how you’d make them cum and cum but never let them touch you. Then you said that to me today … and I don’t even know if you realize that you were talking about yourself as well. You and I are the same kind. Maybe that was why we connected.

So I guess what I want to know is if you want to continue as fuck-buddies or if you’re willing to take a risk with me and try for something more.


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