Butch Black Women Ch. 02

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Hey, there. My name is Joanna Jacques. I am a five-foot-ten, chubby and big-bottomed, dark-skinned young Black woman of Haitian descent. These days, I’m living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I am also openly queer. I attend Carleton University and live in the Vanier area. My neighbours are mostly Africans, Asians and Arabs. Vanier is a small town near Ottawa which has long been a haven for immigrant families seeking a place of their own within the lily-White world of the Canadian capital. I fit right in here.

The life of a Butch Black woman in Canada isn’t easy. However, I do what I can. I’ve got no choice but to be myself. I have always been a tomboy. Skirts simply weren’t for me. And I like to completely shave my head. I do it every three months. Also, I was a wrestler and basketball player in high school. That alone marked me as different. Everybody knew I was gay long before I realized it. I came out as queer to my deeply conservative Haitian parents the night after graduation. That was three years ago. I live on my own now, and work as a security guard to pay the rent and other bills. I’m on federal student financial aid at Carleton University.

Recently, I met this tall, and absolutely sexy young Black woman named Samantha Ardent. She is six feet tall, athletic and sexy, with big tits and big round butt. I do love a gal with a big booty. Samantha, the short-haired, athletic beauty from the Republic of Senegal is a law student at the University of Ottawa. And guess what? She is Butch like me! I found myself intensely attracted to her. And it surprised me. Usually, Butch women aren’t attracted to other Butch women. Especially in the Black Lesbian Community. Butch women, also known as Studs, don’t date each other. It is strictly taboo. Most Butch women date Femmes. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Well, Samantha and I like each other. So to hell with the haters and naysayers. It’s hard to find love in Canada. I am a young Black woman who loves other young Black women. A lot of the Black women I find myself attracted to are either dating men or, if they’re gay, they’re dating White chicks. What the fuck? I thought only straight Black men had ‘White chick fever’. Damn. Now gay Black women have it too. No White chicks for me. In Canada, most White chicks you meet are so fake and covertly bigoted it’s not even funny. Don’t want them or need them. The Black woman is my standard of beauty. Give me a Serena Williams, a Lisa-Ray McCoy or an Alicia Keys over Britney Spears any damn day. You dig? Cool.

Samantha and I were very different people but we got along fine. A lot of people think all Butch women are the same. They think that deep down, we secretly want to become men. Or that we secretly hate men. I am a proud lesbian. But I am not a man-hater. I don’t associate with man-haters either. Growing up, I had a lot more male friends than female friends. I couldn’t stand the bitches in school. Mainly because I was secretly attracted to them but at the time I really didn’t want to be. We’re not all obsessed with men’s attire or contact sports either. I am really into sports, and recently started training as an amateur boxer while Samantha is really nerdy. She loves comic books and action movies. Especially iconic comic book characters like Hancock, Blade bahis firmaları the Vampire Hunter, Storm of the X-Men and Spawn. See? We’re both uniquely different individuals, with individual tastes.

Samantha and I come from different backgrounds. My father Jeremie Jacques is a Tax Attorney who works for the Canadian Government. My mother Jasmine Jean-Pierre Jacques is a Deputy Superintendent with the Ottawa Public Schools System. I have an older brother named Louis who works as the Chief Counsel for the Ministry of Corrections. My parents moved to Canada from the Republic of Haiti in their youth and settled in the Ottawa area. They attended local high schools and met at Carleton University in the early 1980s. It was love at first sight, or so I’ve been told.

Samantha Ardent was born in the City of Preston, in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia. The City of Preston has long been home to a sturdy African community. Since the 1800s it’s been known as the heart of the Black Canadian community. Samantha’s father George Ardent is a patrol supervisor with the Halifax Police Service. Her mother Justine Croix Ardent is an Investment Banker. Samantha has an older sister named Genevieve who’s studying business administration at the University of British Columbia in the City of Vancouver. Samantha moved to Ottawa because she has always been fascinated with the capital. Twenty five percent of Ottawa residents are people of African, Asian, Hispanic or Arabic descent. That’s a lot more diversity than the Province of Nova Scotia, whose only racially diverse towns are Halifax and Preston.

There are other differences between Samantha and myself. My family is new to Canada, sort of. We’ve been here since the 1980s. Samantha’s family is descended from Africans who moved to Canada from the United States and elsewhere almost two centuries ago. Oh, and her folks have dough. Samantha lives in a beautiful and very expensive apartment in the affluent town of Barrhaven, not far from Ottawa. Her wealthy parents pay for everything. She also drives a bright red BMW, model 2009. I use public transportation. I’m on the OC Transpo Bus every damn day. My last car, a beat-up old Toyota, got smashed while I was doing construction work in the village of Casselman, right outside Ottawa. Yeah, we come from different worlds. I still love her, though. The only thing I can’t stand about her is her fondness for the capital.

Personally, I hate the town of Ottawa. I swear folks in this place like the smell of their own shit. They’re that smug. As soon as I get my bachelors degree from Carleton University, I want to move someplace livelier like Toronto or Vancouver. I might even leave Canada altogether and move to the United States. My father’s brother Lucien lives in New York City, where he works as a manager for the New York Transit Authority. He lives there with some Asian woman he married and their three brats. I only met them once. Uncle Lucien was quite forgettable but I fell in love with New York City. It’s so big and diverse. And there are so many sexy Black women walking around the city. Wow.

The only thing which might stop me from leaving the dreadful Confederation of Canada is my relationship with Samantha. I love her. And we get along great. I want her to come to America with me after graduation. kaçak iddaa Canada isn’t the friendly place Americans think it is. It’s bigoted and elitist. The Canadians feel threatened by the highly educated sons and daughters of immigrant families who were either born in Canada or grew up there. Whether you’re Japanese, Arabic, African or Hispanic, they feel threatened when they see you with a university degree. They make us jump through hoops in the workplace. In America, workplace diversity is here to stay. And the money is better. That’s why lots of highly educated young men and women, most of them recent university graduates, are leaving Canada to live in the United States of America. Canada sucks. America rocks. Pure and simple.

Man, sometimes I stress myself out with all the things that swirl about my head. Luckily, Samantha knows how to help me unwind. When I came home from work that night, I found her waiting for me. My woman looked absolutely sexy in a red tank top and navy blue boxer shorts. Her sexy booty looked really hot in those. I smiled at her and she walked up to me. We kissed passionately. Slowly, Samantha removed my security uniform, which consisted of a khaki shirt and black pants. Underneath, I wore black boxer shorts and nothing else. I never wear a bra. Samantha soon had me naked, and took me to bed.

I lay on the bed while my sweetheart went to work on me. Samantha took control of me, and I liked it. She licked me from my head to my toes, taking special care as she sucked on my tits. I smiled as she teased my areolas with her tongue before gently spreading my thighs. My sexy gal went to town on me, as she began fingering my cunt with gusto. I felt her fingers exploring my pussy as her tongue began teasing my clitoris. Oh, shoot. I really love what she’s doing to me. Yes, Butch women like having their pussies licked. And fucked. We’re women too, damn it. Samantha gave me the lesbian lick down of a lifetime. Soon I was squealing and squirming on the bed, my body rocked with incredible pleasure. My Samantha looked at me and smiled when I breathed heavily, stunned by her amazing skills. Oh, yeah. My woman still knew how to rock my world.

We got into some even freakier shit later. Samantha put me on all fours and gave my big booty a good spanking. After oiling it of course. Yes, I like having my ass spanked. Samantha really let me have it, spanking my big butt with abandon. I licked my lips and stuck my big booty in the air, absolutely loving what she was doing to me. Samantha spread my big ass cheeks wide open and slipped one finger, then two into my asshole. Oh, yeah. Now that’s what I like. My ass is one of my pleasure spots. And I love being penetrated that way. You’d never guess this about me if you saw me sparring with guys and big chicks in the boxing ring.

Samantha replaced her fingers with a slim blue dildo and began fucking my ass with it. With my hands I held my ass cheeks wide open, to give her greater access to my booty hole. I love the feel of her dildo up my ass. Sometimes, I think I like ass fucking more than vaginal penetration. Knowing my preferences, Samantha sank a second dildo inside of me. This one she put in my pussy. Oh, man. With both my holes filled, I was in heaven! Samantha laughed as she thrust the dildos deep inside kaçak bahis of me. I urged Samantha to fuck me harder. My sexy lover didn’t disappoint me. She fucked me so hard I cried, but those were tears of pleasure.

We were just getting started. Samantha took out her box of toys. My eyes lit up when I saw the strap-on dildo. Grinning, Samantha strapped it on. My woman looked really sexy wearing the strap-on dildo. I kissed her, then knelt before her and began sucking on the dildo. Smiling, Samantha ran her hands through my hair. I am a very good cock sucker. With women, of course. I’ve never been with a man and I never will. Samantha barked sexy words at me as I sucked her dildo. Later, I climbed on top of her and we went for a ride. Samantha placed her hands on my hips and thrust into me. Her dildo sank deep in my pussy. I screamed as she penetrated me. Samantha stuck her tongue out and licked my tits as I rode her.

My woman and I tried many other positions together. My favourite was when Samantha put me on all fours and fucked me doggy-style with the strap-on dildo. She smacked my big butt while doing it too. I loved it. Later, we did other stuff. I unfastened the strap-on dildo from Samantha’s sexy hips and spread her thighs. I inhaled the scent of her pussy. My woman’s aroma was quite wonderful. I began licking and fingering her pussy. Samantha was tense at first but relaxed and enjoyed. She knew she was in good hands. While fingering and licking Samantha’s cunt, I slid two fingers in her asshole. Samantha winked at me. Smiling, I began fucking her ass with my fingers. She seemed to really like it so I replaced my fingers with the strap-on dildo. I strapped it on and raised Samantha’s legs in the air. She rested them on my shoulders. That way I could achieve greater penetration. I then placed the dildo against Samantha’s butt hole. Slowly, I eased it inside of her.

Samantha winced as I penetrated her ass with her own dildo. I told her I’d be gentle. Samantha wrapped her arms around me and told me to fuck her hard. I’m not the type of chick to disappoint her woman. I used plenty of oil for lubrication as I began fucking Samantha in the ass. Slowly but surely I worked most of the dildo’s eight inches inside of her. My woman screamed as I fucked her. I enjoyed making her scream, just like she made me scream earlier. Thus I gave her sweet ass quite a pounding. Samantha took another dildo that was lying on the bed and slid it into her pussy. With it she fucked her pussy while I filled her ass with the strap-on dildo. Hot damn. Is my woman kinky or what? Soon she was screaming some more, orgasmic at last. I kissed her passionately while an intense orgasm rocked her sexy body.

That night, Samantha and I rocked each other’s worlds. We’ve got wonderful ways to keep our passion going. Our love is strong. No case of lesbian bed death here. I rest my head in Samantha’s arms, and listen to her heart beat as I fall asleep. I love this woman. And she loves me. We’re both juniors at our respective schools. Next year, I graduate from Carleton and she graduates from the University of Ottawa. She wants to attend the University of Ottawa Law School. I am tired of living in lily-white, uptight and elitist Canada. I want to live and work in the racially diverse and inclusive world of New York City, USA. I hope conflicts of career and romance don’t drive a wedge between my sweetheart and I. You see, my Samantha means everything to me. We’ll figure it out when we get there. Good night.

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