Breaking in a virgin

Breaking in a virginWe had a neighbour that used to live next door, they moved out 12 years ago, but when they lived next door they had a son who we used to babysit for. A couple of months ago he came to visit us but I was in on my own when Callum knocked on the door, he was 20 years old now and I hadn’t seen him for well over ten years, he was a handsome 6’ slim man.He came in and we were chatting about college and what he’d been up to when I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he said “I’m not interested in girls”, I looked at him and said “Seriously” he sighed and said “Yes I’m gay”. Well I wasn’t expecting that if I’m honest. “Are you active?” I asked, “Sort of” he replied, “I had a fumble with a teacher from college, he fucked me but wouldn’t let me fuck him”.As we talked he said he was scared to approach others as he didn’t know what to say and he didn’t have any experience so he wasn’t sure what to do. I thought about what he’d said as I made him a drink and as we sat on the sofa I leaned across to him and said “I can help you out” as I put my şahinbey escort hand on his knee, he looked surprised as he said “You sure”, smiling at him I said “Yes but our secret”.As he nodded my hand was rubbing the inside of his thigh through his jeans, he turned to face me and looked me straight in the eye, closing his eyes he moved closer and gently kissed my lips, as I turned his face I kissed him “No tongues” I whispered, “Ok” he answered, as we continued to tenderly kiss each other.I moved my lips down onto his neck as my hand crept up his thigh, he sighed as my hand reached his bulge, and what a bulge it was. I gently rubbed him and he was moaning, unbuttoning his jeans he lifted up as I pulled them down and off his legs, there stood his bulge, it looked massive in his undies, as I continued to run my finger over him he moved in and kissed me again.I lifted up his T shirt and discarded it, bending down I licked his nipples as I brushed my fingers over his stem. I got off the sofa and altındağ escort stood in front of him, he bent forward and unbuttoned my trousers, pulling them down my 6” sprang out he leaned forward and kissed my helmet, as I stood there he looked at me “Suck me” I ordered.He grabbed my shaft and pulled my foreskin back then licked around my helmet, as he slowly wanked me off he was running his tongue up and down my member, cupping my balls at the same time. “You’ve done this before haven’t you” I asked him, as he took his mouth off me he mumbled “Yes”.Soon his rhythm became faster and I was groaning as I thrust with every movement of his fist, as he licked me I knew I couldn’t last much longer, then he speeded up even faster and I said “I’m coming” in a loud voice, he moved his mouth over my helmet as he wanked my seed into his throat, as I poured into him he swallowed it all, as I went soft he was still licking me and I had to tell him to stop.I sat on the sofa breathing heavy and he turned çankaya escort to me and said “Did I do it Ok” I said “Yes but don’t be too eager to do it fast, take your time”. I placed my hand back on his cock and it seemed harder than before, “Stand up” I ordered, as he did I slipped his briefs down and there stood a good 7”, I leaned forward and kissed him he moaned.I said “Right your turn” as I stood up and kissed him full on the lips, I then sat on the floor and opened my legs, “Come on fuck me”, well his eyes lit up and he got down on his knees, parted my thighs, licked his finger and caressed it over my ass, soon he was fingering me and his cock was twitching, he opened my legs and poked the tip of his cock against my asshole.Edging his way in it wasn’t long before he’d pushed himself up to the hilt inside me, it hurt like hell and he gasped as he started to hump me, but he soon got going and as he fucked me for the first time I put my arm around his neck, he bent down and kissed me as he fucked me. All too soon he said he was coming, and then he speeded up and was soon going at it too fast, and then he suddenly pulled out and wanked himself off shooting his hot sticky spunk all over my belly, as he sat there gasping he said “That was awesome”.As we got dressed he said “Thanks for that” I said “It’s Ok but it has to be our secret” “Fine” he replied and moments later he was gone.

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