Bound for Desire

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Pt. 1

The Decision

I was sitting at my desk looking at the invite to a sex toy party and even though I had a good selection, I was always looking for the next best thing. My friend Lynette had invited me and another friend of hers from work along and we were meeting for something to eat before we went over.

I walked into the restaurant and saw Lynette sitting with her friend, having a glass of red wine and caught the waitress to bring me a glass as well. I sat down and said hello to Lynette, then she introduced me to her friend, Becky. I shook her hand and felt how dainty and delicate it felt. I looked at her eyes and saw the gold shining in the brown. She didn’t look at me long, but I saw a look of something in her eyes and then she diverted them away, then I let her hand go. I glanced at her often through dinner, watching how she did things and acted. I took more of a look at her overall and saw she was a petite thing, maybe mid to late twenties at best. She had a child-like quality to her still, her body not filling out any more after fifteen it looked like. Lynette wasn’t saying much and Becky seemed sociable enough, so I struck up some conversation with her.

“So Becky, how long have you worked with Lynette?”

“Six years, right before her baby was born.”

I gave Lynette a look that let her know I wanted to speak with Becky.

“Thanks Lynette, but I was asking Becky. You have a baby? Well, young child now, what did you have, boy or girl?”

“A girl. We named her Belinda. I call her Bebe though.”

“Awww, sweet. How old is she now?”

“Five. It was her birthday last week in fact. I had such a great party for her.”

“Your husband wasn’t there?”

“He didn’t want to hang around with a bunch of women and their kids, so he went out with his buddies.”

“That sounds typical. Well, I’m glad she had a fun time regardless.”

“Thanks, she really did. I love parties.”

“I take it your husband doesn’t?”

“Not really. He says it’s a waste of money to go to all that trouble decorating and stuff.”

“Guess he doesn’t like fun much? I don’t care how old I get, I’ll always enjoy going to a party where someone has gone to lengths to make it fun.”

“Me too. Do you have kids, ShaeLee?”

“Yes. I have two, a boy and a girl, but they’re both grown adults now and my little girl made me a grandmother already. My granddaughter is only a couple of years younger than Belinda actually.”

“No kidding? You’re pretty young to be a grandmother, aren’t you?”

“Forty six, but you didn’t hear that from me and I’ll deny I said it.”

That had some laughter come out and she had the prettiest smile. I looked in her eyes again and saw the gold flecks really sparkling brightly, adding to her beauty.

“You look in great shape for your age, ShaeLee. I would have guessed you were in your mid-thirties.”

“I do love you. You’re good for my ego, you are. You just believe in that age, I’m good with that.”

That brought more giggles of laughter from her and Lynette as well. We finished up our meals and sat having a coffee, sharing some more bits of ourselves and getting to know each other better. It was getting close to the time to go to the party and I found a growing fondness for Becky. She was such a fun person, but she seemed to be containing it all the time for some reason and I wasn’t sure why. We finished and got to our cars and Becky went with Lynette, much to my dismay, hoping to keep talking with her. I followed them there and parked on the street behind them, then we all walked up together.

The hostess Janice, greeted us and we met everyone that was there. It looked like a good turn out, which wasn’t hard to imagine, considering the popularity of toys now a days. I gave a rough guess at a couple dozen or so and found three dining chairs for us all to sit in. We got some glasses of a nice red wine Janice picked out and enjoyed some hors d’ouvres.

The toys were on display downstairs in the den and once we all had a chance to say hello and say our little bit about ourselves, we were off for a look at what was offered. The tables were laid out with dildos and vibes on one, small personal toys for on the go, as well as lubes and oils and the last had more of a fetish flavor. I noticed Becky looking over the stuff at the fetish table and wondered what she was curious in. I had all the dildos I needed, as well as vibes, so I wondered what she was into. She was looking at handcuffs and seeing how they worked and I came and stood beside her.

“Those things suck, try these instead if you want hands restrained. Feels much better on the skin and hold very well. Easy to close Velcro straps.”

“You selling them?”

I had to laugh at that.

“No, sweetie, I had a pair of those cuffs and they hurt like hell when they dig in. You can pull all day on those ones and you’ll never get anything more than a chafe. I know, I bought a set.”

Becky looked at me and then put the handcuffs down and picked up the leather bedava bahis wrist cuffs I pointed out. She looked them over and wasn’t sure, so I offered to let her feel both on and judge for herself. I put a handcuff on one wrist and snugged it tight, then took the leather cuffs and put one on the other. I took a hold of both and pulled on them and she cringed at the handcuffed hand.

“See what I mean? That was just a little pull on you too. Imagine you straining on them and tell me what you’d rather have on.”

“I see your point, thanks for the tip.”

“Are you interested in restraints and harnesses?”

Not sure why I asked her that, curiosity I guess, but her eyes spoke volumes of yes, while her lips said,

“Not really, just looking.”

She moved down the table away from me and I followed along, looking over what was there, more curious to what Becky was interested in. I liked to know what other women found sexually appealing and maybe find something new to explore myself. She stopped and picked up a book and looked around to see if anyone else was watching and started looking through it.

She stopped on a couple of color photos and I moved closer to look. The models on display were tied into positions using intricate knots and binding techniques. I’d seen it in pictures before and thought it was such a sensual expression in human art.

“Is that Shibari?”

“Yes. Do you know about it?”

“Not really, but I think it’s beautiful. I love the way they’re tied like that.”

“Me too. I want to learn how to do that.”

“You want to learn how to tie someone up?”

“Not tie someone, have someone tie me.”

I looked at her again, more out of surprise, hearing her desire to be tied up like that.

“I’m more inclined the other way. I’d rather learn to tie someone up. It’s sort of like macrame in school. I loved doing that and made all sorts of neat stuff. I even made a chair.”

Becky looked at me with a sudden sense of interest, not one of sexuality, more a means to an end. She was just going to ask me something, when Janice came over to us to see what we were doing.

“Hey you two, find anything fun to buy?”

Becky laid the book down and picked up another one and glanced through the pictures.

“Not really, Janice. Just looking at these books to see if there’s something worth looking at, but nothing is interesting, just weird stuff .”

“Maybe something on the dildo table?”

“I never got into those, always liked the real thing instead.”

“I like them myself. I have a nice selection already. I like to have some variety in my play time.”

Becky looked at me like I was the new guru of sex toys.

“Okay. Let’s go over and you can show me what a good dildo is.”

I felt put on a spot, but I went along with her request and she walked with me to the table where all the dildos and vibrators were. I looked through the selection and picked out ones I thought were good quality and explained what I thought was good about it. Becky took each one and felt it, then put it down without any real interest in it. Janice looked around, hoping to push for more sales to get her discount and spotted a couple of her other friends looking over the sexy lingerie hanging on a rack. She excused herself and went over and as soon as she was out of earshot, Becky held my arm to get my attention.

“Do you really want to learn to do Shibari?”

“I don’t know, sure, I guess. I never really thought about it, why?”

“There’s a course I want to take, but I need a partner. I can’t go on my own, but if you were willing to do it, we could split the price and I could be your practice model for you to work on. We kill two birds with one stone that way, what do you say?”

I stood there looking at her, trying to imagine the offer presented in my head. Here was a very pretty, young woman, adorable in every way. A tight body that was still as firm as a teen’s and she wanted to know if I wanted to play with her. I felt the wetness and held myself in check and looked away for a moment to contemplate, more to disguise my expressions and hide the happiness of a slut getting to play.

“I don’t know, Becky, this is so sudden and I hardly know you. How much is it anyway?”

“It’s two eighty and we buy our own materials. One forty okay?”

“That’s no problem. So I guess we need lots of rope, that’s a given, what else?”

“I have a list of everything on my computer at home. I could send in the application tonight. It has to be in before next Monday to get into the next session. There’s a person coming from Japan, who’s a real master at this and is going to do a few displays and show some intricate rope weaving stuff.”

“Sounds great. So one forty and we’ll split whatever the materials cost?”

“Yes, will you be my partner?”

I could see the expectation in her and knew it was a chance to explore something I was interested in and the offer couldn’t be better.

“What day and time?”

“Every bedava bonus Wednesday at seven, starting in two weeks. Can you make it?”

I continued to stall and seem unsure, making Becky squirm with anticipation. I was loving the idea of tying her up more and more.

“I think I can do it. I don’t have anything planned that I know of.”

Becky started getting all excited and then calmed herself immediately when a couple of women noticed her. She was beaming from ear to ear and then tugged at my arm to follow her. We went upstairs and she gave me her personal card with all her numbers and contact info on it.

“Give me a call tomorrow and we can talk more. I don’t want Lynette knowing about it and asking me a million questions, so please keep it between us, okay?”

I could see the nervousness on her face and knew it was something she wanted kept as secret. I knew Lynette well myself and she would be asking questions until she knew everything. I assured Becky I would keep this a secret between us, even though I didn’t think it was something to keep hidden.

“Okay Becky, I will. Not sure what the big secret is about it, but you must have your reasons.”

“I don’t want my husband to find out and think I’m some kind of weirdo or something. I’d just rather not have to to explain it, so it’s easier to just stay quiet about it and no one is the wiser. Less questions to ask, less lies to tell, you know?”

“I can understand that, but why not tell him? It’s not something really that weird.”

“You don’t know my husband. Barry can be open about some things, but others, he just gets bent out of shape over it.”

“Yeah, not sure why guys do that, myself. They can be into something and it’s okay to do, but something close to it is off limits totally. I was with this one guy, Steve, I met him on line a while back. Anyway, he was okay with fucking my ass any time he felt like, but the second I even touched his ass with my finger or tongue, he’d get all bent out of shape over it. So, yeah, I can see where you’re coming from. If it’s a secret we need to keep, then it’s a secret it will be.”

“Great! Thank you so much ShaeLee, you have no idea how happy this makes me. I’ve been dying to do this for years and never thought I’d get the chance.”

“Well, don’t thank me yet. I might end up tying you into something of a disaster and have to cut you down, or worse.”

“Don’t worry about hurting me. I’ll be really limbered up. I’ll go through my stretching routine before we start and it won’t matter what position you want to tie me in, as long as I can bend that way, you’ll have no problem.”

“So you can do like splits and all that stuff?”

“Easy. I can even put my feet behind my head still.”

“You’re kidding? I couldn’t do that, even when I was a kid. I tried and tried, but I could just get my foot near my head and that was it. I sucked at gymnastics, I liked track better.”

“That’s funny. I sucked at track and loved gymnastics. I loved the bars and floor routines. I’ve always been small, I feel huge now compared to how I was. After Belinda was born. I thought I’d never have a body like I did, but I’ve been working at it and I’m pretty happy with where I’m at, so I want to try and do some things while I have the chance, before Barry and I want to have another child.”

“Yeah, I can see that. I’d be thinking like that too. Well, looks like you have a Shibari partner, Becky. I guess we need to go shopping and get everything we’ll need. I’ll give you a call Tuesday or Wednesday and we can go together, if either of those days work for you.”

“Wednesday is great, Barry is out playing hockey that night, so it gives us lots of time to shop. Can we keep everything at your place, ShaeLee? I don’t want Barry finding it and having to explain it.”

“Sure, no problem. I have a big gym bag and it’ll all fit in that, make it easy to carry.”

“Perfect. I am just so excited, ShaeLee. I can’t wait to start.”

“Me too. I wanted to check it out like I said and I’m really happy with my partner. I can see us having a lot of fun doing this.”

“Me too. I know we will, because I feel comfortable with you already. I know I can really do this with you.”

I was trying to imagine what it was she was picturing us doing. I knew what I was thinking about and I wondered if she and I were on the same page.

“Becky, I have to ask you something before we go any further. When we do this, are you going to be like, you know, naked?”

“I wasn’t sure about that either. I mean, I feel comfortable with you, I think I could do it naked, but that’s up to you if you could handle that.”

“With you being naked? Sure, I have no problem with that. It’s just, well, I was thinking that if you’re naked and I’m tying you up, we’re going to get pretty close with things. I was just wondering how you’d be with that? Me touching you like that.”

“Oh, hey, I’m good with it. I’m a bit more comfortable with you, than a guy really. I kept thinking deneme bonusu how that could lead to trouble. It’s bad enough me doing something like this, but explaining some strange guy as well could get a bit complicated.”

“Yeah, I guess it could at that. Well, I’m okay with you being naked while we practice if you are, so that’s settled. Okay, we better join up with the others or they’re going to wonder where we are and ask questions anyway.”

“I was thinking, you live over by the mall don’t you? Lynette has to drive out there and back, where it’s not that far to go from there to your place. Think you could give me a ride?”

“Sure, no problem. Any time you want to go, just let me know. I’m not buying anything. I would like to look at that book again and go through it a bit better. Some of those pics looked very interesting. The intricacy of some of the knotting is so beautiful.”

“I know. I want to become art.”

“Yeah. Hey, I’ll be an artist.”

“This is so cool, ShaeLee.”

“It is. Hey, let’s just tell Lynette we’re going and that I’ll take you home. I don’t have to look at the book.”

“Okay, I’m not buying anything either. You know, if you want, I have a site I favorited that we can look at. It has lots of pics we can check out. I don’t think Barry will be home yet, so we won’t be disturbed.”

“Okay, nice, I’d like that.”

We went and told Janice we were going and told Lynette I’d drive Becky home, which she seemed happily okay with. The drive to Becky’s place was more talk about her end of it and what she was into it for. I looked at her a couple of times after things she said, never imagining her being like that. She enjoyed being naked in front of people and liked the idea of being tied up. Shibari seemed the perfect solution to both, but she seemed to be a contradiction in terms in who she was and who she was inside. I could tell there was more going on in Becky than just that and became curious to know.

We pulled up in front of her place and went in. Becky paid the sitter and checked in on Belinda, then she took me to the den and brought up the Shibari website. We sat close together and looked at each picture carefully, going over the details of knots and ways to bind. We’d seen maybe a dozen or so, when I felt her hand holding mine. It didn’t seem like anything more than friends holding hands, so I took it in mine and held it, as we looked at more models bound in the most sensual of displays. I felt her hand tighten on mine as we looked at this one woman in a graceful pose in suspension.

“I want to do something like that. I know we have to start with the easier stuff first, but I hope we get to that level. I saw that and wanted to do it so bad. Doesn’t that look awesome?”

I had to admit, the model looked like she was flying in bonded submission. She was in a position that exposed her completely and called for a lot of binding in intimate areas. I casually glanced over at her and looked at her body again, imagining her naked and touching in those areas. I figured I’d ask her and see what she would say about stripping right then and letting me look at her.

“Becky, can I ask you to do something and not get all freaked out about it?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Can I see you naked? I don’t want to do anything, I just wanted to see you and get and idea of how you look and how to do some of this on you.”

“Oh sure, no problem.”

Becky got up and undid all her buttons on her blouse and slipped it off, then reached behind and unclasped her bra. She slid it off and tossed it on the chair casually. I looked at her breasts and how small and firm they were, the nipples almost taking up everything of her aureola. They weren’t very erect, but I could imagine how big they could get when aroused. For once, I was happy my boobs were bigger than someone else’s. Becky undid her dress pants and slid them down her legs, then slipped her fingers under the elastic of her tiny panties and slid them both down. She stepped out, then gracefully bent over on one leg and picked them up, putting them in the chair with a little flourish. She moved a few feet away from me and began doing stretches and lifting her leg up and out. She spread her legs wide and dropped to her hands, then easily lifted her legs to a handstand and then just a few feet from my face, spread her legs into the splits. I could see her pussy as plain as day and stared at it with a growing interest to touch it.

She straightened her legs and turned on her hands so she was facing me, then with a slow, delicate move, spread her legs again and bared everything to me. Her body was completely hairless and blemish free. She had no freckles, or moles, or anything to mar a perfect finish. I could see all her muscles working under her skin, the little tremors as she strained to hold the position. I wasn’t sure why she decided to expose herself that way to me, but I didn’t hold back from taking her all in.

I’m not one to know if a woman’s pussy is pretty or not, but Becky’s little mound was presenting a pair of pouting lips I felt like kissing. She bent forward and bent at the waist, facing her pink morsel right at me and then she was dropping lower and eventually ended up sitting in my lap and her hands going around the back of my neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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