Boot Camp Training

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Run, Sweat, Push-ups…the past three weeks had consisted of those three words. Every day, every hour, every second, the mind was consumed by these three “tasks”. The men of Alpha company, if they weren’t running, sweating or doing push-ups, they were thinking about it, and usually within a few minutes they’d be partaking in it. Alpha Company was a part of the marines training company, in charge of turning boys into men. Unfortunately for the recruits, Alpha Company also was infamous for one instructor, Redlask.

Recruit Potter, was physically in shape, and breezed through the five am PT (physical training) sessions. However the memorization, the little sleep, the regulation, all of it got had gotten to him by week three:

“POTTER! Recite your general orders!” Redlask spat in his face, using a deep tone that bore into his soul.

“SIR, um, First general order is, um….” Potter meekly answered, awaiting the barrage that was sure to follow the stutter.

He knew he could recite the orders by heart, in fact he had memorized them by the beginning of week one, however Redlask always made him stumble all over himself. Redlask with his chiseled chin, the nose straight off a Grecian statue, rich brown eyes, and then the amazing ass which showed through casino şirketleri the sharp standard green drill instructor pants. The smokey-the-bear hat over-shadowed his face, until he lifted it right in front of you, bringing his usual full fury with it. It was especially difficult in the mornings, standing at attention in his white briefs. Potter feared the day when Redlask would pick him for the morning burn. The dual morning wood and Redlask’s intense voice made Potter on numerous occasions feel the bulge beginning to grow.

“That’s it Potter! Tonight, fire duty! Two shifts! I’ll make sure you use the extra time to learn your general orders,” Redlask yelled, somehow louder than the first time.

“SIR yes Sir,” Potter could only reply.

Fire duty was one of Redlask’s favorite punishments, that and the Pit. Potter had felt the burn of both. Fire duty was dull, boring, and often impossible to accomplish with dozing off. Someone had to sit up at 2 o’clock am, losing precious sleep while just watching the others contently sleeping. The next day always dragged on as it became even harder to stay awake and alert.

The Pit however may be a worse punishment. An hour or two of intense physical training in a seven by seven wood box filled with sand. casino firmaları The sand made the ‘high knees’ feel like a marathon and sets of push ups like being in a strong man competition. In the Pit time seemed to slow down, as minutes dragged on while the beads of sweat drenched the back of your shirt and soaked your balls. All this while having a drill instructor, usually Redlask, breathing down your throat, pushing you harder.

Potter was confused as to why Redlask had decided fire duty to be the more appropriate punishment. The last time Potter screwed up it had been a combination of the Pit and fire duty making the next day physically taxing from the sore muscles and lack of sleep. It was also new for Redlask to assign two shifts, meaning even less sleep. Potter knew tomorrow would not good smoothly, even as his dick got hard with the thought of Redlask.

That night Potter woke up with Redlask looming over him. As Potter’s eyes adjusted to the low light Redlask’s dark outline approached his ears.

“Get ready recruit, you’re going to become my bitch tonight”, said Redlask in his husky voice.

He immediately became hard, but before he could get up Redlask grabbed his shirt and his hard cock. Squeezing hard on Potter’s dick Redlask lifted güvenilir casino him out of his rack, and pressed a pre-cut piece of ducktape over Potter’s mouth. In surprise Potter tried to struggle, a poor decision. As soon as Potter’s arms made a move to flail Redlask’s fist came into his stomach, making Potter double over and moan into the ducktape. As he struggled to get up Redlask gave his cock another squeeze, this time aiming for the balls, brutally grasping and not letting go until Potter fell again to his knees.

Potter was in shock. It was embarrassing having a hard on with his drill instructor but then having Redlask notice by clenching his balls, it made Potter become afraid. Redlask remained silent throughout the whole encounter and his facial expressions were unreadable, molded into that stone cold glare. Potter’s thoughts spun from fear that Redlask would out him to the entire company.

Yet, before Potter could think more about it or even catch his breath Redlask was dragging him outside. His breath became ragged as he breathed through his nose, struggling for the air that disappeared due to his rude awakening. He finally got his bearings and realized Redlask was dragging him to the Pit. The moment that realization came his body was shoved into the sandy area, and he tripped over the wood planks outlining the box. Falling face first into the sand Potter struggled to get back up. And then a boot pressed down burying his face in the sand.

“Get ready for hell recruit”

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