Beyond the Time of Jude

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(or the return of the praise of sexual fantasy)


I run a small, yet elite business specializing in an exclusive clientele. They consist of men, women, old, young and it doesn’t matter as long as the money is there. I would consider myself young (28), for amassing quite a bit of money for myself but I’m also providing a much needed service for society. I completed my bachelors degree in Economics when I was 21 and my MBA in Marketing when I was 23. I’m no slouch in either brains or looks.

I employ eight women and two men who work full time for me. They are paid well for services provided. Beautiful, sexy in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

We offer services for singles or couples who needs sexual instruction, stimulation to bring a new world to those who have never experienced the ecstasy of an encounter, or to bring back desire to those who have lost it for any number of reasons.

Finding sexual time in our busy lives using fantasy for couples or self-stimulation for an individual.

I love my business. My customers are quite satisfied and it’s quite lucrative, and above all, we care. We introduce couples and singles in extending boundaries. This includes playing sex games, discipline and correction services.

At times I have participated with my favorite customers.

We teach the various positions of Karma Sutra. Our bedrooms were created with seduction and sexual expression in mind. They are created with the eastern and Moroccan style in mind, along with body oils, showers, embroidered robes, all sorts of bondage and stimulating items to bring them to an unforgettable orgasm.

Couples and singles have forgotten what is like to prepare for a date and project a sexy image. For women, this could include foregoing pantyhose for garters and stockings, along with sexy heels. For men, giving up the tidy whities and wearing boxer briefs. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Clean, clean, clean is so important. bahis firmaları

They arrive here and are offered refreshments to put them at ease by our “therapists”. I come out and introduce myself, usually dressed in something transparent and sexual. I want my clients to feel they are in another world. One that transforms them from the everyday.

We do give them a choice of therapist. Some love the dark, small and exotic. Others love blonde, girl next store with the attitude to match. I also employ two men. African American and white. Both beautiful, physiques to die for. Their personalities are great. They are a joy to behold.

They are then led to their bedroom. A couple of roles are introduced to the couple. One of which being slowly undressing each other. This is classified as tempter/temptress. Another role is sexy undressing, rubbing, scratching your skin softly as each piece is removed. Finally remove your bra.

One such couple will have Adrianna instruct them to fill a bowl of water and wash each other’s feet, dry them and massage them with either jasmine or sandalwood oil. This is one of the most intimate acts that can be done to another person. The husband then brushes his wife’s hair and massages her scalp. She does the same him. They both start feeling that moistness down below. Adrianna smiles as this is what she wants of her couple. She strips down to her g-string and small, jeweled bra. This to many couples is an aphrodisiac and quite a strong one.

Adrianna takes the husband’s hands and instructs him to run his nails up and down his wife’s arms and legs. Adrianna does the same so the wife can see what she is to do next. Feel the arousal, savor it.

Now both can massage their beautiful, naked bodies with an edible, fragrant oil. Knead, knuckle, rub and feather the body.

Making this experience is tantamount to life’s epiphany. A realization that as a couple or single, sex is so important.

At kaçak iddaa this point, the session can end with instruction not to pursue this until the next session. Our lady or man is there all the while instructing and at times, participating.

At the next session, food is used as a companion to sex. Food is offered to each other; grapes, strawberries, oranges. Honey or champagne is poured over the breasts and belly. This is licked and savored. Whipped cream can be used which softens and sweetens the skin. Licking, sucking, flicking using long languid strokes. This feels so good that the dick hardens, the pussy glistens with juices but it’s not time for intercourse.

Paint can be applied in strategic places and sucked off in circular, licking motions.

Place fruit near the pussy or dick and eat it off provocatively. It’s almost too painful to bare. Crush fruit and rub over your partner’s body. Lick, suck, and eat greedily. Share the tastes with deep kisses. As the arousal becomes too impossible to ignore, climax by intercourse crushing fruit between each other.

We all shower and soaping up is a sensual experience. The husband and wife are washing their hair and while this is going on, Adrianna starts to suck the husband’s dick and then gently sucks the wife’s clitoris, which is swollen with desire.

The act of sex does not constitute just the act but the events leading up to it.

I first encourage face to face as men can control his orgasm. Try lifting hips slightly and gently pull on your balls. The woman lifts her butt and swivels her hips as she thrusts upwards, tightening her vaginal muscles on the downward movements.

Rear entry has the advantage that the man can stimulate his partner’s clitoris and also thrust harder, while gently tugging her hair.

Woman on top allows her the slow, rhythmic movement and as you cum, tighten your anal muscles so he is aware of your orgasms.

With the next session, kaçak bahis more positions are explored. Men and women standing face to face, inserting his penis and gently thrusting to orgasm. Others are woman straddling a sitting man, his legs stretched and open. She thrusts in and out, her partner can also help.

Another position is the man lies on his back, legs slightly apart. The woman faces the man and inserts his penis into her. She reaches behind her holding onto his knees, she slowly rises and descends using her legs to propel herself. This position has been likened to an incredible blow job.

Walls must be torn down, hence, male and female self-pleasuring. The woman using lubricant to stimulate her labia and clitoris. A vibrator is used to arouse the clit and labia to climax.

The man gently tugs at his balls, lubricates his cock and slowly strokes it, increasing in rapidity until he cums.

Oral sex is a learned technique, frightening to many but easy to master. The woman can start on the man. She places her lips on the tip of the dick and slide up and down, keeping the inside of her mouth moist. At the base of the dick, flick tongue lightly across and along the ridge on the underside of the penis.

The man can then run his tongue on each side of her clitoris. Occasionally inserting his tongue inside her vagina to lick her juices. Experiment with tip of tongue, side of tongue on either side of the clit. Flick lightly the tip of her clit, twirl using tongue ending with covering clitoris and softly sucking into submission and climax.

All of this goes for the singles whether it’s mixed or same sex. It’s a sensuous learning experience.

Use oils – Jasmine and Sandalwood are great sexual oils. Massage over entire body. Massage the scalp and brush your partners hair to ease stress and helps relaxation. Wash, dry and massage the feet of your lover. It is highly intimate and erotic. It’s a powerful loving gesture. Tell erotic stories. Once oral sex is comfortable, try 69. It completes the circle of energy.

Fast sex has its time and place. On the floor, couch, in the car. Don’t even remove all your clothes. Just fuck, cum and run.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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