Beneath the Sun (Request)

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Alexandria Beach sprawls against Australia’s coast like an exotic dancer, the sands glowing beneath the sun. The air is so hot it sparkles, driving small crowds down to the ocean waves to paddle among the surf. Water splashes against naked skin, as Dave and Jodie walk barefoot – bare everything – down the nudist beach.

“Moments like this make me glad I work out,” says Jodie, hand in hand with Dave. It’s a liberating feeling to have the sea spray cool her entire body. She finds it hard not to look at those around them – beautiful people with beautiful bodies, and to the man at her side with his broad shoulders and tattoos shining in the light.

Dave says nothing, but when their eyes meet he gives her a quiet, knowing smile.

They come to a somewhat secluded spot away from the water, where they throw down their towels and set the bags down for the day.

Jodie feels Dave’s eyes on her – almost instinctually – and when she looks over she sees his gaze trailing down her neck line to the curve of her breasts, then down to her thighs.

“Yes?” she asks, grinning.

He shrugs and shakes his head, but his body tells her another story. She can see his penis growing half-erect, and her prolonged staring and raised eyebrow makes them both laugh.

“Well,” she says, producing her sun cream from the bag, “that probably isn’t going away any time soon.” She hands him the cream. “I need you to do my back.”

“What a pain,” he says, and sits beside her as she bends forward, brushing her long dark hair out of the way.

As he eases the cream into his hands, the scent of it fires off memories from other days, other beaches, other sisli esc summers together. She allows herself a contented smile as another couple walks by and raises their hands in greetings.

Jodie feels their eyes on her too, and feels a little flutter of pride.

Dave’s hands rest on her back, gentle at first, and begin to work down her smooth, bronzed skin. She shivers in a mixture of pleasure and anticipation as his hands work up to her shoulders, around her neck, and down her arms. The coolness of the cream against her skin heightens the sensation, as though he’s dragging ice across her body, and she gets goosebumps wherever his hands move.

His hands rub fresh cream into her sides, just beneath her arms, and the tips of his fingers brush the underside of her breasts.

“Uh – Dave -” she gasps, “there are people -“

“I know,” he whispers, and his strong hands cup her breasts, massaging her erect nipples and rubbing in the cream. A couple of onlookers look away in embarassment, but to her surprise Jodie finds that she doesn’t mind their eyes on her; rather, it’s making her want Dave even more.

She bites her lip as his hands work down her stomach, over her hips, and to her thighs.

Surely, she thinks, surely he wouldn’t go there, not with people here. His hands work down her thighs and she leans her head back against his shoulder, parting her legs and bearing her body to the world, any sense of shame lost in her arousal.

His hands work the cream into her thighs, sending flutters of excitement up her back, bringing a small moan from her lips. Dave’s mouth finds her neck where it meets besiktas escort her shoulder, kissing her, bringing another small gasp of pleasure.

“Later,” he whispers, and his hands leave her skin. She almost moans in disappointment, her pussy craving his touch, but he leans back with a smug look on his face and leaves her alone.

She can see that he wants her, though; his cock is throbbing and stiff – but if he wants to play games, she can play just as hard. Jodie reaches over into her bag and brings out a little silver bullet, a vibrator, and shuffles away from him.

He stares into her eyes, and she stares right back as she switches it on and a faint humming fills the air. Caring little for who might see her, she runs the vibrator around her nipples, breathing heavier and faster as she works it down between her thighs. It slips between her soaked pussy lips and finds her clit, sending shocks through her body. She throws her head back, legs spreading wider as any embarrassment evaporates, and lets out a soft moan.

Dave takes in the sight, his cock twitching with every heavy breath she takes, and again when she opens her eyes and looks into his, both of them filled with desperate lust. Jodie reaches over with one hand, her body writhing and twisting in pleasure, and wraps it around his cock. He sighs with pleasure as she strokes it slowly, softly, precum dripping onto her fingers.

Unable to contain themselves, Dave reaches over and pulls her in, their mouths finding each others, and Jodie wraps her legs around his waist and pushes him onto his back, straddling him. She grinds against him, and he feels her şişli escort wetness dripping over his cock, while her fingers hold her vibrator there. With the smallest nudge of her fingers, she guides his cock between her pussy lips and lets him slide inside her. His thick cock pushes her apart, and she stops trying to hold back her little moans of pleasure.

She hears people gasping nearby, seeing her riding Dave’s cock, and knowing that people are watching makes her go even harder. Pleasure fire through her body like fire, her skin slick with the cream. Dave’s hand delves between her thighs and grabs the vibrator from her as her nerves begin to tingle with the approaching orgasm. He holds it against her clit with one hand, and with the other he pins her hands behind her pack, holding her wrists firmly. Helpless, she collapses on top of him, her cream-covered tits sliding against his body as he fucks her hard.

People are talking now – she can hear their voices – and it just makes her even hornier to hear them talking over the wet sounds of Dave pounding her senseless. The audience pushes her over the edge, and her legs start shaking uncontrollably as Dave fucks her harder, faster, pleasure rising up from her pussy into her stomach, through her entire body, until she spasms and orgasms beneath the sun, in front of them all.

Her entire body shakes as Dave tenses and fills her pussy with cum, thrusting hard with every spasm as their orgasm peaks, both of them breathless, until they collapse together, struggling for air.

Reality comes back to them after a few moments, and the crowd disperses as the couple begin to laugh at themselves.

“Smooth,” says Dave, playfully spanking her as she gets off of him.

“We’re not finished,” she says, rolling over and smiling at him.

“Well I think I am,” laughs Dave, “for now at least.”

“No,” she grins, “you didn’t finish doing my suncream.”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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