Because I’m Worth It

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This story is about me and my name is Charley. You will like me; particularly if you are a guy who is in touch with himself. This story is about last night and my own enjoyment of me and mine. If you are a girl, Congrats! But this story is not for you. Us, guys can relate these feelings. Go Guys!!

I’m happily married and 49 years old. Well, not really, I’m married and 49. Oh hell, the ol’ lady is fast asleep and it’s not my night for sex. The problem is that I’m as horny as if I’m 18 again. I’ve been on the net watching Chyna, the Pro Wrestler Babe…for you sci-fi types. She has an ass the could fuck you through the monitor and tits that could choke a sword-swallower. WOW! What a woman… I think? Anyway, I’m not hard yet but I am wide awake looking for some pussy.

I could go wake up the bitch but chances are she’d tell me to go away. So why bother? Ah, but maybe she’s mellowed out by now and maybe she’d do it. Fuck, at best she’d lay on her back, spread her legs and never wake up. I could shower and shave and light a candle and bring some sweet strawberries to bed. I could whisper in her ear “I love you,” “You’re beautiful,” etc. You guys know what I’m talking about; it’s like trying to start the beater outside with a dead battery. mecidiyeköy escort This is her loss but not necessarily mine.


Or, I could give my body and heart the freedom to be a do it yourselfer. Let’s see what’s on TV. News…Talk…Junk. Nothing that’ll do for my virtual partner. Wait, wait. There, channel 49 a movie with Marilyn Monroe. Fantastic!! Ninety minutes of watching her body will turn the trick if you know what I mean.

I pull out my cock and it looks like a Sharpei puppy, two foot body with ten feet of covering. I hadn’t given him a thought all day. I must have pissed a couple of times and I know I took a shit once, but apart from that my member has been fast asleep all day. Wake up, fellow, it’s time to play. I light my pipe, lay my shorts and underwear on the table, and settle into my favorite chair. Marilyn is teasing the balls off Walter Malthau in the movie. If only this flick were made 20 years later, Marilyn would be eating his dick by now. But as movies go this one has romance and humor…oh, go to hell, give me some old fashioned fucking. Her body is not the modern hard and skinny but the old fashioned ripe, fleshy, and voluptuous. nişantaşı escort Full boobs hanging open to my eyes, tight butt swinging as she moves, and a soft mound for her tummy. YES!!!

So I begin to fantasize and to touch myself. I like to start with my chest. Since I am puffing on my pipe, my chest is heaving up and down. And since the a/c is on my nipples are hard and my butt is fully alive to its nakedness. My chest is hairy so I gently move my fingers through the hair from my navel up to each tit and around and around. I work as a mechanic so my hand is large and strong and warm. (I have read that all of you girls are into shaving your cunt, but for me I like the hair, more the better, dark, curly, tasty…I like it. But this is my story; go shave if you want to.)

I push on that spot right above my penis, the spot that pushes against her pubic bone when we are screwing. I feel the sparks; I push harder; I watch M lower her cleavage in front of her victim. My manhood responds as I knew it would. It’s so good. My dick stands erect, my legs also stiffen, my ass tightens and my pecs bulge. I look down my body and see my nipples pointing straight up, my belly is drawn şişli escort down, and my penis is glowing with bluish, red blood. My left hand continues to massage my clit and my right hand is stroking up and down. I make myself slow down because I want this feeling to last.

I wonder if this time I will…oh, never mind…but I want to so much. I take both hands and pull my thighs up to my chest. I want to massage my asshole and make believe that M is ready to insert her tongue into my crack. With that wonderful thought, I straighten my body and flex every muscle. I grab my cock and work it with the skill of fine violinist. It’s strange; I can’t tickle myself; I can’t scratch my own back, and most of the time I can’t even reach my toes. But I can masturbate…beat off…jack off…Hip! Hip! Hurray!

I am doing it now; I can’t talk right now. I am shooting. Oh yes, sweet cum pushes through my body, erupts into space, ejaculates with power. Don’t stop. There’s more. A few more strokes and you will have it all. I know that I will be soft soon, but I can’t stop until both balls and prostate have poured forth their days production. The cum is all over my stomach and pubic hair and I must get up before it drips onto the chair. I could do it if I wanted. But not tonight…Wow, now that is sex and I like it.

Tomorrow is my night with my wife and that will be great (I hope). Tonight was likewise great. No, I didn’t taste my cum and I said that someday I will. And I chickened out. Maybe someone out there someone can tell me what a man’s hot and spicy cum shot tastes like. Can You?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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