BAXTER, Sandra’s uncle

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BAXTER, Sandra’s uncle
“Baxter, whatever in hell possessed you to get Sandra to suck your cock?”

“When I heard that she was going back home, I came home to see if she needed any help packing up. When we finished loading her car, we came inside and talked for a few minutes. I broke down and sobbed how much I’d miss her.”

And, here we was, blubbering away again now.

I handed him the box of tissues on the coffee table. 

When he had calmed down he continued,  “I gave her a hug. It was a long hug. I got a boner and she could feel my bulge against her belly.”

I thought, it must have been a dam small bulge!

“She was shocked.”

She felt down between us and she rubbed it. 

She said, “Uncle Baxter, you have a hard on!”

I told her I was sorry. 

She took me by the hand and walked me into the living room. We stopped in front of the couch. She unbuckled my pants, pulled down my zipper and lowered my pants and underwear to the floor.

“Sit,” she commanded. 

“When I sat down, she got on her knees and knelt between my legs. She had just started sucking my cock when you came in.”

“Are you that hard up for sex that you’d get a boner from your niece hugging you?”

“You have no idea how hard up I’ve been. It has been over twenty years. Amie refused all sexual contact after our second c***d was born. No more fucking, no nothing. We got separate double beds for our bedroom and we sleep in our own beds in the same room.”

“That is too bad Baxter. I sort of feel sorry for you. Maybe I would if you weren’t such a mean man. You are a big bully. You berate everyone. I am surprised that your client list isn’t shrinking.”

“Actually it is. However, doctors are prescribing therapy more often now and for more things.”

“So, what do you normally do for sex?”

“That is none of your business,” he haughtily answered. 

“Tell you what Baxter. I am going to make it my business. I am going to come back after I take my wife her cell phone. When I come back, we will continue this discussion!” 

When I gave my kaçak iddaa wife her phone, I told her, “I am going over to Baxter’s. We have some more stuff to get out of his garage and take home.”

“Good idea. There are some dishes and knick knacks I want,” she replied.

When I get to Baxter’s, he is in his bathrobe, sitting at the kitchen table, having a coffee.

“I felt like a coffee after showering.”

“Did you jerk off in the shower?”

“It isn’t any of your fucking business, but, yes I did!”

“Good for you. There is hope for you yet you self-righteous prick!”

He is outraged. He has a hair trigger temper. 

I burst our laughing. 

“I was just funning with you. It is about time you had some fun buddy. You are about to embark on a significant adventure Baxter.”

He looks puzzled. 

“Find me a bottle of cooking oil, a box of rubber gloves and an old sheet buddy.”

“What for?”

“You will find out shortly.”
He got up, went to the pantry and got the bottle of cooking oil. Extra virgin, I noted! He handed it to me. 
He got a box of rubber gloves from the cupboard above the sink. This, he handed to me too. 
He went into the bedroom next, I followed him. 

He got a sheet from the linen closet and gave it to me. 

I arranged a couple of pillows in the middle of his bed and d****d the sheet over them. 

“Lose the bathrobe Baxter.”


“Don’t be such a prude, I’ve already seen your wiener.”

He took off his robe and put it on a chair. 

“Get onto the bed and lay down with your tummy on top of the pillows.”

He complied.

In this position his ass stuck up nicely and easily accessible. 

I took  off my clothes, except for my shorts and sox. I put a glove on each hand. 

“What are you getting undressed for.” 

“I don’t want to get cooking oil all over my clothes.”

With the bottle of cooking oil, I got on the bed on my knees between Baxter’s legs. He has to spread his legs slightly. 

I saw his puckered little cherry. I am glad he just showered.

I poured a generous amount of oil on perabet güvenilir mi both hands and massaged it all over the cheeks of his ass. And his lower back. And the backs of his legs. 

“That feels wonderful,” he muttered. 

“Good. I want it be pleasurable for you buddy. If at anytime you don’t like what you are feeling or if what I am doing is in any way wrong for you, just say STOP, ok?”


I rubbed and massaged more oil onto Baxter’s accessible body parts.  Rub, rub, rub. My hands accidentally on purpose also lightly rubbed the crack of his ass. And his puckered anus. He does not protest. He liked being rubbed and massaged. 
His skin was slick and glistening with oil. 

I ran the back of one hand up and down between the cheeks of his ass. Then the other. I gently pushed a thumb against his anus. Not getting any negative reaction from him, I push it in a little. Then, some more. And some more again. 

When my thumb is fully inserted, he moans, “Ahhhhh!”

Since he is not protesting, I pulled out slowly and then pushed back in. 

His breathing increased and he is rocking on the pillows. My finger went in and out.

I reached under him and fondled his balls. They are slick and wet from the oil drippings.

I grabbed his cock. It is erect and I stroked it.

He was not the only one with a boner! My cock was fully engorged and it strained to get out of my shorts. 

“Do you like this Baxter?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Would you like me to fuck your ass with my cock Baxter?”

“Will it hurt?”

“If it hurts, you tell me to stop ok?”

“Alright, go ahead.”

I pulled down my shorts. My hands spread his butt cheeks apart. My cock is aimed right at his anus. I grabbed it by the shaft and pushed inwards gently and slowly.

The head popped in. 
Baxter moans. 

Gradually, I pushed more of my cock in his ass. His breathing quickened and he moaned happily.

Once fully seated, I paused momentarily. I felt his anal muscles clenching and unclenching around my cock.

I withdrew perabet giriş a couple of inches and pushed back in. Then again. And again.

I established a slow and steady rhythm and I swear his ass welcomed each thrust. His butt pushed back against me. 

His breathing quickened, he gasped and lunged into the pillows. I sensed that he ejaculated. The clenching of his ass around my cock confirms his cumming.

I reached under and latched onto his cock. It was wet and slimy with cum.

I continued to stroke in and out of his ass.

“Do you like that Baxter?”

“Yes,” he giggled. “It feels fucking awesome.”

“Have you ever been fucked before?”


“Did you like fucking Amie in the ass?”

“Hah, that never happened. She sucked me off on our honeymoon. She wouldn’t do it again. Even when I got her drunk!”

As I stroked in and out of his ass, Baxter’s hips thrust back and forth. He pushed back against my every thrust. He really liked it!

“When was the last time you ejaculated twice in a day?”

“Years and years ago. I was home alone and I watched a porn DVD. I couldn’t believe what these actors were doing. It got me all hot and excited. I jerked off during the movie and again at bedtime while I showered.”

“Jerking off is good for your prostate, did you know that?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“I read an article once, written by a proctologist. He maintained that jerking off was more intense than sex and emptied the prostate better.”

“Good to know.”

Darned if he wasn’t moving his hips up and down at a fast pace urging me to go harder and faster. 

I complied. I grabbed his hips and lunged in and out. This caused me to go off in his bum, deep in his bum.

He suddenly plunged into the pillows and went off too. I felt his anal muscle contractions working on my cook.

Both our breathing gradually slowed after the excitement. 

“So, that is three for you right?”

“Yep,” he proudly chuckled.

I pulled my cock from his ass and wiped it off on the sheet. 

He got up and stood by the bed. He looked down at all the cum on his belly and the sheet. 

“Dam, Baxter, looks like a year’s worth of jizz there!”

He laughed and said with pride, “I felt like a teenager again.”

I chuckled, “This is our little secret, ok Baxter?”

“Oh yes. I’d never tell anybody.”

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