Bathhouse Winter Opportunity

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Parking fairly close to the entrance was a good start to the first Thursday afternoon here in quite a while. It has been a couple of months since last enjoying the shared delights offered by the bathhouse, but now, anticipation became overwhelming while walking past the first entrance area doors into the broad courtyard before the final door, my fingers tingling, my cock growing, the center of my body filled with an edgy heaviness, all the sensations of taking the last few steps over a still recognizable boundary, soon to be swept into the swirling lust shared with other horny naked strangers, within this purely male sauna.

The man in front of me on the sidewalk for a bit had turned in, and now stood waiting for the inner door to open after pressing the buzzer. He was heavier, taller, about my age, and very casually dressed. This makes sense to me, since really, once you reach the entrance, the only point of clothes is taking them off before joining all the other towel clad – and not clad – men in the warm space. Another man was already inside, paying his entrance fee, getting his towel and locker key bracelet. As the second man paid, I opened the door to a fourth man, creating a certain feeling of relief at the amount of business, since there have also been visits when the sauna was almost empty, offering very few opportunities.

I went through the inner door to the changing area, found the correct locker, began to undress, noting that four other men in the space were doing the same. I had seen a couple of men already in the bar area when paying, and by this point, pulling out my black bag of condoms and little brown bottle of poppers, things looked very promising. As tends to be customary, I didn’t really look around – I treat all dressing areas pretty much the same, in part by not considering them sexual places. Unlike the space just beyond it, walking into the bathhouse wearing nothing but a towel, knowing that the main attraction wasn’t really the steam or fountaining water.

Entering the bar area, it was interesting to see it unoccupied – making my ordering a beer as easy as always, being a habit of my visits since the first – I have never entered the sauna area without enjoying a beer first (and generally, without enjoying some organic smoke before that, with rare exceptions, like the first fantastic time).

Sipping at the head of the beer, enjoying the mix of foam and liquid, I decided to visit the Internet PC in the glass in corner, wandering around a bit to see nothing happening with the old, very fondly remembered, steam room space. Sitting back down at the bar, finishing the glass, I left it on the counter, stepping to its end to ask for a condom – I almost always bring my own, but considering how the fun moves along, having more handy is better, though it is always possible to ask for condoms at the bar. In general, I no longer keep them for later visits – they are provided by an anti-AIDS agency, and there is no way for me to explain such condoms easily – not impossible, much like talking about how whatever visit my wife discovers, it will be the ‘first.’ But putting the two together is as plainly apparent as the conclusion made when asking for condoms while wearing nothing but a towel.

One thing that likely makes this bathhouse so enjoyable is how the employees enjoy using the facilities. Including the steamroom, as I noticed after one of the bar tenders was called out quietly by another employee, saying that there was flooding or some such happening at his place, and that it needed to be dealt with. It was a bit strange realizing that the man sitting on the bench near the corner, close to a cock sucking pair, one of the two sitting straight on the bench, legs spread wide, the other a kneeling man taking a wetly glistening cock deep into his sucking mouth. I had been moving between the boundary between dark and light, not exactly flirting, not exactly flooded with lust, not exactly watching the open cock sucking. My behavior seemed a bit different in retrospect, after realizing it was someone I actually knew, at least in one sense, one who had handed me condoms several times before enjoying myself with other men. And honestly, everyone here more than once knows how hot it is, the real reason for returning. Like then, me watching a man stroke his cock while he watched the cock sucking next to him, stroking my own erect dick. Or now, taking the offered condoms.

After putting the condoms in my bag, I walked up the spiral staircase, readjusting my towel. I still haven’t had that much practice wearing only a towel – only actually properly learning how to the first time here, asking another man at the bar how to do it so the towel would not fall. A man also wearing a towel, drinking a beer, and it would be reasonable to assume, enjoyed having sex with other men – because for the first time in my life, I was visiting a truly homosexual establishment (their advertising is certainly not shy, including pictures of a man canlı bahis sitting on a bench with spread legs, showing off an easily half-erect cock). It was a slightly awkward conversation on my part – I just wanted information on how to deal with a towel in a sauna (the visits to other public saunas with my wife had been to places were towels weren’t often worn, though putting them on the dry wood benches in generally dark dry sauna spaces was considered mandatory). On the other hand, especially as the beer began to have its effect, that didn’t mean, exactly, that I wasn’t curious about other things. Admittedly, these days, I don’t care quite as much about whether my towel is covering anything, till now managing to avoid having it fall, especially on this open spiral, where it could literally flutter for several yards before smacking the floor below.

The cruising area was empty; only one (video) booth had a closed door, and the darkroom space was empty, though invitingly warm – this is another one of the areas of the bathhouse where no towel is required, at least for warmth or privacy or keeping salty sweat from soaking the beech benches. Walking back to the other side of the building, the porn area held one man when I glanced in. The lack of people around led to another quick and deep hit of Rush, followed by going downstairs into the steam or whirlpool, my cock hot and wanting. I know why the late 70s were so hot for those men who shared these tastes then. a potent combination of incredibly sexual sensations. Being able to enjoy them now, with a few decades experience to draw on when playing such naked games with other horny men, is one of the more pleasant sexual discoveries I have ever made – a discovery impossible to stop repeating, indulging in the consistently enjoyable rediscovery of how hot it is to get off with naked strangers – and their sexy cocks.

Going downstairs to the whirlpool, the loud bubbling grew obvious. The water was warm when my foot dipped into it, a pleasant surprise, since often it isn’t that way. Naked after having showered, I turned and walked a couple of yards to look at the wall sized aquarium, with its three fish – groupers, perhaps – swimming slowly. It was an interesting feeling, especially in a place where sex is definitely available, to just stand naked and watch the liquid motions on the other side of the glass. It didn’t quite feel like showing off, but being naked simply makes moot various technicalities. The thrill of instant sex is truly addictive, nudity being a part of that addiction, and here was a place to enjoy it. Over and over again.

The jacuzzi was still fountaining far too vigorously, leading me to briefly explore the steam room, finding it essentially empty. This was a bit odd, considering the number of men already here, and the number likely to keep coming. Viewing this as essentially an extended pause, it provided a good reason to do another hit of Rush.

Making a quick circuit from bottom to top on the metal poled staircase, the section was empty where I chose a booth and closed the door, opening the brown bottle and breathing its scent deeply. I heard steps moving in the distance, my hand already rubbing my cock, thinking about all the other horny cocks around, as potentially available as mine was. Well, possibly – my body was utterly available to anyone who wanted to play. This intense rush of pure sluttiness flooding through me was reaching primal levels, knowing precisely where to find other men that understood the best ways to share it.

Entering the steambath, I felt the change in temperature against my skin, parts of the floor quite cool as I walked, both feet finding the occasional shallow puddle. This is one reason to arrive early, in part because of the dryness while wandering, since the steam can take a while to build. Cooler is fine for me, as long as it isn’t clammy in any sense – an experience only felt in the old steam bath. But the steam here was invitingly billowing. I closed the still not really fogged glass firmly – clear glass, as all the sauna doors are – only upstairs is there even a semblance of privacy with lockable doors. At this male only sauna, I have never had sex behind a booth’s door, though I have closed them often enough for privacy while indulging in a vice older than getting off to gay porn. In the present, the Rush was really making my interest clear, cock pulsing in anticipation of what might happen.

Wending slowly forward, growing accustomed to the dimness and humidity, I saw a pair on the front bench, quite close to the entrance, comfortably entwined. Walking by, I noticed a man against the further corner, pressing hand at his crotch. My own hand was wandering downwards aimlessly, feet moving slowly onwards. In the rear darkness, nothing was happening – it was becoming difficult to account for all the men I had seen before with these fairly empty spaces. Returning to the border between light and dark, close to the standing man, placing my bahis siteleri back on the warm tile, leaning away against the rear wall of the curved central interior shower entrance.

This allowed me to see the pair at their fun, though only by obviously turning my head to gaze at what was going on. I began to stroke myself, seeing a man’s head slide down from the nipple it had been licking, obviously wet and hard, until the same lips began sucking the cock I had seen grow as a tongue trailed its way down to its tip. Watching led to my own horniness becoming more obvious, now jacking off in the dark, no longer really watching the pair, head turned to see the other man.

Who was also jacking himself off. Making lazy eye contact, a certain spark passed, both of us now starting to grow harder watching each other. He moved forwards, and I straightened from the tiled curve of the shower entranceway, meeting him as his hand slid along my inner thigh. My left hand, angled backwards, held two condoms and a packet of lube from the bar. My right hand could not stop fondling my cock head as his fingers moved along my hairy sack. When he reached the base of my cock, I moaned, sliding my hand down to feel his, pressing down as he tightened his grip on my balls.

Completely turned on, my hand moved to his cock, finding it almost rigid – then making it so in just a few strokes, my own cock equally quivering under his touch. A steadily rougher touch, which was starting to become less than enjoyable. I moved my left hand a bit too clumsily, a section of the condom’s plastic ridge sliding along his arm, trying to change his motion, saying ‘condom first.’ I was hard, but uninterested in more of the same style. Even after various attempts to make clear what I expected, his jerking continued to be just a bit too hard, not changing even when my hand covered his, making it obvious that he should change his motion. After another moment, I broke contact and left, my cock jutting.

Going to the whirlpool after rinsing off under the rain showerhead, washing my feet with the faintly orange scented soap, it wasn’t a complete surprise to be alone – somehow, this had been a theme of this entire visit till now. I considered going back upstairs and really pushing my usual boundaries of getting off on poppers, but hearing the steam room door open and close, my confidence grew that now was time to enjoy the steam bath again. And considering how slutty I was already feeling, it wasn’t necessary to do another hit from the bottle of Jungle Juice, which has lasted much of a year – making another trip to Amsterdam ever more necessary as the level sinks below 1/4.

I went into the whirlpool, wading through its bench bubbling mode, ending up sitting on the top row at the octagon’s rear. A position with the advantage that at least my face wasn’t being incessantly splashed. But a short period alone was enough, even after stroking my cock a bit.

Returning to the steamroom, past the 90° C sauna box with one nude pair in it, I made sure to again close the steambath door firmly behind me, keeping the steam in. The towels in the alcove had seemed quite numerous, and now, turning, a pair on the bench was obvious, along with a couple of other naked men in the barely lit space. Moving back towards the dark rear, I saw a bare outline of a man sprawled on the bench, another man kneeling in the available space, on his knees, his ass resting on his feet. Sitting down, I waited for my eyes to adapt, stroking my cock the entire time, getting hard before moving closer, deciding to be at least somewhat subtle. Pairs do not always like others to intrude, an easy enough fact to learn and accept.

My cock erect, I moved off the bench onto my knees on the smooth floor, within reach of the pair, slowly extending my left hand until it met a man’s calf. I moved it lightly against his skin, letting my fingers trail until they had reached his foot. His reaction was not only clear to me, but apparent to the man sucking his cock, who started to move his body more vigorously. I turned 90 degrees, my left hand sliding under his foot, then spreading his toes. He moaned, and it was clear that he enjoyed the personal attention. I raised his foot, feeling it, my right hand stroking my rigid cock. Footplay is always sexy, man or woman, giving or receiving, particularly when hard or wet.

At some point, the cock sucked man started touching around my shoulder, quickly finding my nipple, followed with firm pressure leaning me back, making me moan. The sitting man’s hand found my cock, his hand covering, then replacing mine. It became clear that none of us would mind a threesome, especially as we were all hard and all clearly skilled in pleasuring other men. I spread my legs wider, wondering if anyone would join in, enjoying the idea as one man’s hand played with my hot nipple, and another man’s with my cock. However, it slowly became obvious that we were the only three in this part of the steam bath. bahis şirketleri

I continued to play with the reclining man’s foot, my neck now on the edge of the curved tile of the bench, freeing my left hand from supporting my back, enabling it to run over the still kneeling man’s chest, then sliding down his slippery skin until circling the base of his jutting cock. This was one of the quickest threesomes I had ever enjoyed, and it made me feel incredibly slutty. Just like the other two men were.

My mind started to fill with random desires, and when the kneeling man’s mouth started to touch my cockhead, I barely had enough strength to moan ‘condom .. condom first.’ My left hand left his rod, trying to find the condoms behind me on the bench. Another random desire was to be kissed deeply, and my lips must have shown the thought, because his face raised to mine, then his tongue touched my wanting lips. He wasn’t interested in teasing, as his hand circled behind my head, pulling me more upright, now pressing his face against mine, making me surrender to his passion. A passion which I was obviously reflecting, as his own moans and motions made clear. My left hand returned to his rigid cock, and our kissing continued in male pleasure – he was completely in charge, and an awareness of just how good it was to be kissed like a woman by a man added to the kinky pleasure as we kept fondling each other.

The sitting man, who had never stopped playing with my nipple, bent down, his tongue now reaching my neck, making me moan while being wetly kissed. I felt a hand on top of my stroking fist, making me reach back with it, to touch the sitting man, When I reached his nipple, it was pierced, which doesn’t really appeal to me. Sliding down, first letting my palm run along his inner thigh, I felt his cock – which seemed to have piercings and metal down pretty much its whole 2/3 hard length. Obviously, there wasn’t going to be any way to deal with a condom, and even stroking him seemed a bit too much effort.

Sliding back, the man who had been kissing me broke off, leaning away, his lips glistening in the low light, his rigid cock being stroked. The sitting man also shifted position, and I felt his hand in my hair, positioning me for the kiss he started right after I realized his intention, my mouth quickly accommodating our desires. This was also a male kiss, especially from the first feel of his short beard, a sensation that disappeared as our lips matched surfaces precisely. Our tongues began to play, my head leaning back as he forced himself deeper into my mouth.

Now, for the first time, I was starting to enter that gloriously submerged state of pleasures that man on man group sex offers, but this time, due mostly to our hungry and shared passion in kissing. By now, the sensations had become disembodied – making it impossible to distinguish hands or tongues, lost in the pure bliss, merging in shared ecstasy..

At some point, the kiss’s intensity slackened from his side, and regaining a bit of awareness, the reason was how the pierced man’s cock was being serviced. I still couldn’t find the condoms (admittedly, I wasn’t in any shape to really search well), and I broke the kiss, my mouth questing for the other man’s skin. I found his shoulder, and my right hand reached for his head, pulling it to me, as I began to kiss his lips, my tongue swirling past his teeth, my left hand starting to stroke his cock, making it impossible for him to do anything but submit. He moved a bit, sliding his thigh over mine, straddling me as I kept kissing him, my tongue filling his mouth, our cocks now touching. We began sliding, mouths and cocks, and I was st least somewhat aware of how close I was coming to a number of limits.

I sensed motion next to me, followed by another sensation of pure satisfaction, slowly realizing that a tongue was flicking around our sliding cocks, making them even slipperier. For the second time in a few minutes, a mouth wanted my cock, and I was still incapable of finding any condoms. I broke the kiss to repeat saying ‘condom first,’ prompting the two to kiss in front of me, the pierced man’s hand stroking my cock. I was close to cumming when the pierced man started to kiss me, his hand’s motion just adding to what his tongue was doing to me.

After another moment, I shifted position, the pierced man beginning to go down on the third man. Hot in several ways, now seemed a good time to leave the steam. Having an erection that others can see no longer bothers me, at least in certain places. Before leaving, I had found the condoms left on the bench, easily a meter from where I had expected. Cock hard in the cooler air, I left the condoms in the alcove, easily seen.

The shower water rinsed the sweat away, just a couple of steps from the steam. After soaping my feet and hands, rinsing again, I walked to the whirlpool area, cock swaying. It was still, and still empty. I sat on the top bench for a bit, but considering that the steam room was unlikely to be empty, I let its pull bring me naked again to its entrance, only taking a step to the side to grab a couple of condoms – noticing that the other condoms were no longer where I had left them.

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