Back To Nature

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Adrian was very apprehensive about his camping weekend with Bianca; they had met at a friend’s party a few weeks earlier. While chatting at the party Bianca mentioned that she had last been camping as a little girl and this had been a really pleasant memory for her. Adrian on the other hand was very into hiking and camping and tried to get out into the mountains at least once a month. This had lead to them planning a trip the next weekend.

They had planned to go on a hiking trail together to a secluded set of mountains where Adrian regularly spent his weekends. The more Adrian thought about the weekend the more turned on he got. In his mind he imagined Bianca’s sexy body and his cock got hard thinking about how much he would love to suck those pert breasts. Adrian lay back on his bed and imagined how he would end up getting to give Bianca the weekend of her life. Adrian slowly jerked his cock back and forth thinking about sucking on those pert breasts and tasting her full pussy until the cum started to jerk out of him.

The much-awaited weekend finally arrived and Adrian drove to Bianca’s office to collect her in his van. When he got there Bianca was waiting for him and just the sight of her in a mini skirt and a halter-top had him instantly hard. Adrian had to rearrange his prick so that Bianca didn’t notice anything; he didn’t want to frighten her off at this early stage. As Bianca climbed into the van Adrian couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing the sexiest white lace panties he had ever seen, this didn’t do anything to improve his condition.

As they drove Bianca told Adrian about her conservative upbringing and how strict her parents had been. This concerned Adrian a little as it was almost a “back-off” signal. His hard-on had almost completely disappeared.

When they finally arrived at the deserted parking area Adrian suggested that they hike a few miles down into the ravine to a little campsite he knew, which had a little rock pool and waterfall close by, where they could shower. They unpacked the van and set off along the path. After walking for about 45 minutes they came to a side path, which lead them to a beautiful clearing with huge trees providing a deep, cool shade and a stream bubbling nearby. They quickly pitched their tents next to each other and set about making a fireplace and collecting firewood. Each time Bianca casino oyna bent over to pick up pieces of wood Adrian couldn’t help trying to get another peek at those sexy lacy panties.

Once the campsite was complete Adrian suggested that they go and shower before it got dark. Bianca became very quiet and walked off and sat on a rock near the stream. Adrian sensed that something was bothering her; he walked slowly to where she sat and sat down next to her. Bianca turned to him “I was really nervous about this” she said, “I have never seen a naked man and no man has ever seen me naked. Do you mind if I go for my shower alone?” Adrian had no option but to agree, the disappointment clearly showing on his face. She leaned across and gently kissed him on the lips and said “My instincts were right, you really are someone special, just give me time.” She stood up and went to her tent and undressed and put a towel around her before heading down the path to the small waterfall.

Adrian sat by the campfire and thought about their conversation wondering whether he would ever get to see those beautiful breasts or taste her virgin pussy. He sighed and got up to get another packet of cigarettes from his tent, as he passed Bianca’s tent he couldn’t help noticing her white lacy panties laying on the bottom of her sleeping bag. He guiltily bent down and picked them up, he could still feel her warmth on them. He slipped into his tent and brought his find to his nose, drinking in her womanly scent. The crotches of the panties were wet with her juices and he slowly ran his tongue over the damp area in the center. He slipped one hand into his pants and rubbed his now throbbing cock and tasted her feminine juices. He now knew what he had to do. He slipped the panties into his sleeping bag for later in case his plan failed and quietly headed down the path. Just before the path turned to the left he crept into the undergrowth and found himself a vantage point where he could see the whole waterfall.

His already hard prick twitched as his eyes feasted on the sight before him. Bianca was standing facing him soaping her firm breasts. Her fingers rubbed over her nipples and each bud was standing proudly out. The soap was running down her flat tummy and dripping over her neatly trimmed red bush. Adrian sat and rubbed his throbbing cock while he watched Bianca continue to wash until her canlı casino hands reached her beautiful mound, she slowly rubbed her hands down her pink slit and Adrian noticed her body shudder as she touched her clit. Was there some hope that he would in fact reach his objective?

As Bianca walked across the black rocks to retrieve her towel Adrian slipped back to the campsite unseen. He had no sooner sat down than Bianca came strolling down the path with her towel around her. “That was great” she purred, “there is nothing quite as sensual than a cold shower with nature.” Adrian slid off to his tent to get his shower things while at the same time trying not to let her see his painfully throbbing cock. He strolled down the path towards the waterfall wondering what the rest of the weekend would bring.

Adrian slipped out of his clothes and walked under the cool cascade of water falling from the black rocks above. He soaped up his body and not for the first time today started to fondle his large cock. His right hand started to slowly stroke up and down its length while his left hand gently caressed his now very full balls. He closed his eyes and slowly savored the pleasures washing over his body. Suddenly he heard a groan from the bush and opened his eyes “who’s there” he called, but all he heard was some rustling deep in the bush. He quickly rinsed himself off and wrapping his towel around him he headed down the path back to the camp.

As he walked quickly into the camp he saw Bianca sitting by the fire, her chest heaving from some form of recent exertion. Adrian immediately knew who his mystery voyeur was! He slowly walked up to Bianca and put his arms around her shoulders, “did you like what you saw” he whispered. “I could ask the same question,” she whispered back. He pulled her slowly towards him and kissed her gently on the lips. She ground her lips into his. He felt her hips move closer to him and press into his hard cock. He slid his hands down to her firm ass cheeks and pressed her hot pussy into him. He slowly undid their towels and let them slide to the grass. He felt her pert nipples pressing into his chest. They slowly slid to the ground, their lips never parting.

Adrian broke the kiss and lets his lips move down her neck until they came to rest on her beautiful breasts. He took each nipple in him mouth and ran his tongue over the hard nipples. kaçak casino Bianca gasped and pulled him closer to her. He continued kissing down her tummy until he reached her red pussy hairs, She closed her legs tightly “no! It’s dirty” she gasped, “just let go” he breathed “I guarantee you will like it.” She tentatively opened her legs and he continued his quest to taste the nectar now almost dripping from her pussy. He licked down the sides of her legs, never letting it come into contact with her pussy. Bianca was now writhing on the grass “don’t tease me” she whispered.

He slowly let his tongue touch her now swollen clit, rubbing it back and forth until she put her hand around his head forcing his mouth onto her burning cunt. His tongue slid down and slowly he pushed it into her wet pussy. He let his tongue slide back to her clitoris and slowly pushed his finger into her snatch. His fingers probing deep into her wet pussy. Bianca started moaning and within a few minutes started to shudder “oh my God” she moaned as the waves of her first orgasm shook her body. Adrian and Bianca lay side by side for a few minutes until her breathing returned to normal. “I’ve never done it before, you will have to show me,” she shyly whispered.

“I’ll be gentle” he gasped, his dreams about to be fulfilled. He slowly knelt in front of her now swollen red pussy. He took his hard cock in his hand and shoved it into her waiting mound. It slid in easily at first but soon reached a fine barrier. He gently pushed a little harder until he felt her hymen tear. Bianca moaned, this time not from pleasure. He slid his cock all the way in and heard her gasp. He very slowly started to withdraw his cock, trying his best to minimize the pain she was feeling. The pain passed quickly and Adrian felt Bianca start to rotate her hips.

“Deeper” she gasped, “I want to feel you inside me.” Adrian started to fuck her with a steady rhythm, at the same time caressing her firm tits. All the thoughts that had been rushing around Adrian’s head finally took its toll and Adrian could feel the cum rising in his balls. Bianca started really pushing her hips back with every stroke of his hard cock in her pussy. As he felt the cum start to spurt into her waiting pussy Bianca let out a loud sigh as their joint orgasm gripped them both.

After a few minutes of lying under the now dark sky Adrian slowly got to his feet and pulled Bianca up after him. As he hugged her Bianca quietly whispered in his ear “if that is what it’s all about I have a lot to learn, I hope you will be my teacher.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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