Annette’s Tale Ch. 02: Amy’s Story

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Author’s note: This story was written as a request from a fan. It contains some themes I don’t usually deal with, BiMale and Race. They are there because this is her and her husband’s fantasy and if she has it I assume others do.

I am not allowing comments on this as I am not comfortable with the people who will berate her fantasy, but if you are a woman and find this erotic, please send feedback, even anonymously. She would love to know she is not alone.

If you want to berate me or praise me you can also send feedback.

Yes I do take requests, but not from anonymous feedback. I need to email with you a bit to understand you.


Annette’s tale 2, Amy

As always, the holidays are “party season.” Tonight the family was invited to a party down the street. Trevor decided not to go.

Amy knew it was mostly her parents’ friends, but decided to go anyway. She looked at what to wear. It was a party, so she grabbed a short jean skirt and top. She had a bit of belly showing between the skirt and top.

She looked in the mirror. Too sweet she thought. She was still feeling horny from the day before – watching her mom fuck Trevor and Dave was hot. She hated the idea of waiting to get back to school to get really fucked well.

She changed to a pink party dress she knew it clung to her every curve. She pulled out a maroon bra and thong set. It was decorated with white ruffles. The dress had a deep V-neck. The bra and V-neck really put her 34C tits on display. The maroon bra and thong showed a little through the dress. You could see her ass outlined through the dress from behind.

That’s better, she thought. Now at least I’ll get some good looks and have people talking about me. She liked the idea of people talking about her at a party.

Annette and Patrick were ready to go. She came out of her room to go with them. Her mom was also wearing a party dress, but it was not as tight as Amy’s.

Annette looked at her beautiful daughter and smiled. “That looks kinda slutty. I bet you’ll get a lot of admirers.”

“I hope so,” said Amy.

They walked down the street to the party. There were tons of cars parked in front of the house. When they walked in there must have been 100 people there. Between greeting people and getting drinks, Amy got separated from her mom and dad.

She walked through the crowded party greeting and talking to people she knew. Because the rooms were so packed, she’d often have to rub against people to walk by. More than once someone would grab her ass as she walked by. Sometimes she’d turn to see who it was, but the room was too crowded to tell.

She’d linger with the married couples. Especially if the husband was checking out her tits and the wife looked unhappy about it.

She stopped to talk to three couples she knew. They were all pushed together because of casino şirketleri the crowd. One of the husbands was right beside her. While Amy was talking with the wife, the husband put his arm around Amy’s waist. The wife gave him a disapproving look, but he didn’t move the arm. People moved in around them and they were pressed tightly together. Amy had known the couple a long time and continued to talk to the wife. As she did, she felt the husband’s hand slide down her ass. Amy was feeling flirty, so she pushed her ass back a bit. She liked knowing he was feeling her ass while she was talking to his wife. The hand kept exploring.

Amy looked around a bit to see if anyone could notice. The room was too crowded. She looked at the husband, smiled, and said, “Are you enjoying the party?”

He said yes, that he and his wife don’t see a lot of these people often. As he did, his hand slipped under Amy’s dress. She turned back to his wife and continued to chat. She felt his hand slide down her ass to the top of her thighs. Talking to his wife while he was grabbing her ass was turning Amy on. She parted her legs a bit to give him better access.

He found her clit and started playing with it. She was getting wet. Knowing this man had his fingers in her cunt while she talked to his wife was hot. Amy was having a hard time keeping up the conversation. She could feel the fingers pressing against her clit. The whole scene excited her. She was about to cum.

Amy put one hand on the wife’s shoulder to steady herself. The wife looked at her confused. Amy let out a loud sigh. Her knees buckled and she came all over the guy’s fingers.

The wife asked Amy if she was OK. Amy regained her balance and said yes she was fine. She reached behind her and grabbed the husband’s hand. She brought it up to her face and, in front of his wife, sucked her juices off his fingers. The wife’s mouth dropped open and, before she could say anything. Amy walked off. When she turned, she could see them arguing.

Amy continued to wander around the party chatting to people. She was often distracted by her wet pussy. That guy’s fingers had her all worked up. She really wanted to be fucked.

She started looking for her mom and dad. She didn’t see them anywhere. She saw a few people going upstairs, so she thought she’d go up and check there. She wandered slowly and stopped to talk to people. At the end of the hall, there was a group of people gathered around a door and looking in.

Amy was curious. She pushed her way through the group and looked in the door. There on the bed were two naked women on their hands and knees. Each woman had a cock in her pussy and her mouth. There were about 8-10 other men in the room. Most had their cocks out and were stroking them.

There were two other couples in the room. One guy had his cock out, and a woman was on her knees in front of him sucking it. casino firmaları The other guy was leaning against the wall while the woman had her back leaning against him. Her jeans were undone, and he had one hand down her panties. Her shirt was pulled up and he had his other hand on her tits.

One guy with his cock out went to stand in front of them. The woman reached out and started jerking his cock.

Amy worked her way into the room for a better look. She saw one guy sucking someone else’s cock off in the corner. She did a double take. She realized it was Patrick, her father! She then looked at the bed. One of the women getting fucked was her mother! Annette was just grunting as she was getting fucked.

Amy watched the scene in amazement. She knew her parents were wild, but this was more than she knew.

The guy in her mother’s cunt came with a visible shudder. As he pulled out, another guy just climbed on the bed, stuck his cock in her cum filled pussy, and started fucking her. She could tell Annette came.

Amy was getting horny. Some guy with his cock out came and stood next to her. She could see the people from the door watching her. She didn’t know the guy, but she reached down and started stroking his cock.

Amy watched her mom. At that moment, the guy in Annette’s mouth started to cum. He pulled out. It mostly shot on Annette’s face, but some got on the face and back of the woman fucking next to Annette.

Annette looked around the room. She stopped when she saw Amy leaning against the wall jerking a guy off. She watched for a minute while getting fucked. Amy realized her mom was watching, and they locked eyes and smiled. Annette kept rocking forward as the cock thrust into her. Amy continued to jerk the guy’s cock, and look at her mother.

Annette loved Amy watching her. She did not know that Amy had seen her the other night with the boys. Having Amy find out, in this way, what a slut she was, made her cum. She shuddered and came on the guy’s cock.

Amy could tell her mom came. She wished she was the one coming from being fucked.

As Amy watched, the second guy came in her mom’s cunt. As he pumped his last drop into Annette, Amy could see the cum being forced out around his cock and down her mom’s legs. He moaned.

Annette got up off the bed and walked over to Amy. She had cum dripping from her face and pussy. Facing Amy, she reached down, wrapped her hand around Amy’s, and helped Amy jerk the guy off.

Amy and mother stared into each other’s eyes. Amy could feel her mom’s hand helping her jerk the guy off. Annette smiled and, with cum all over her lips and face, she leaned in and kissed Amy.

Amy had kissed girls before, and she’d swallowed cum before but this was different. This was much dirtier. Much hotter. She was licking some stranger’s cum from her mom’s lips and tongue. She was loving it. She realized güvenilir casino some of the people watching knew they were mother and daughter. That made it even hotter.

Annette also loved it. She knew her daughter was sexual. She’d dreamed of kissing her, even of licking her pussy, many times. But this was awesome. All these people watching her and her daughter swap some guy’s cum. She loved it.

Annette pulled both their hands off the guy’s cock. She stepped back, grabbed the hem of Amy’s dress, and pulled it over her head. Amy raised her arms to help. Annette thought about how sexy Amy looked.

Then Annette reached behind Amy, unhooked her bra, and threw it on the bed. She then took Amy’s hand and together they resumed jerking the guy next to her again.

Amy stood there in just her thong, her and her mother playing with the guy’s cock. Another guy walked over with his cock out. Annette took Amy’s other hand and wrapped it around his cock.

Then Annette got on her knees in front of Amy. She grabbed the waistband of her thong and slowly pulled it down over her hips exposing that gorgeous pussy.

Amy continued to stroke the cocks. Annette’s hand came up and stroked Amy’s pussy. Amy spread her legs.

Oh my god, Amy thought. I’m naked in a room, stroking two strangers’ cocks, and my hot mom is playing with my pussy! Amy came immediately. Her knees buckled a bit, and she leaned on one of the guys.

Annette saw her daughter cum and was even more turned on. She took one of Amy’s legs over her shoulder and started eating her. Annette could not believe she was finally eating her daughter’s pussy. The fact that it was in front of all these people made it so dirty and so hot.

Amy started moaning, and then came again. This time loud. “Oh my god, mom. Don’t stop. I’m coming. God you’re making me cum. All these people watching me cum.”

Annette stood back up. She pulled Amy over to the bed. Amy climbed on the bed on her hands and knees.

Annette beckoned one of the guys Amy had been stroking over to their side. He knelt behind Amy. Annette grabbed his cock and slid it into her daughter’s cunt. Amy moaned as it filled her pussy.

Annette then climbed up on the bed next to Amy and said, “Somebody fuck me!”

In a moment, she had a cock in her. She put her hand over Amy’s while they were being fucked side by side. Annette turned her head to Amy and kissed her. They kissed, feeling the jolts of the cocks inside each other.

Amy came, moaning through the kiss. Annette loved the feeling of Amy moaning in her mouth.

Amy felt the guy in her stiffen to cum. She did not even pay attention to the guy. Today she was just a cumslut. All she wanted to feel was the cum in her cunt. She felt the hot cum shoot inside her. As it hit her, she came again.

As he pulled out, she could feel some of the cum dripping out with him. She didn’t move. She felt someone new climb on the bed behind her. She almost didn’t look. Then she saw her mom looking back and smiling.

Amy turned to look. Patrick, her father, had just shoved his cock in her cunt. She came immediately.

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