Accidentally Screwing my Mom

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Accidents happen, that’s what mom always said. And this was definitely an accident and couldn’t really be helped. But the fact that my cock had some how made it all the way inside my moms vagina was a mystery to me. What were the odds of that happening? I thought, as mom realised what had happened at exactly the same time as me.

If it had been a different kind of accident, we would have laughed about the impossibility of it. But it was my thick hard, now eighteen year old, teenage cock. So that wasn’t really something we could laugh about. Instead, as mom felt the tip of my penis push all the way down inside her vagina and hit its wall, she gasped out in surprise, her head turning towards my face to see what the hell was going on.

As soon as her eyes met mine, she realised it had been a total accident. What was the chance that I would have had a massive dripping wet boner from watching porn in my bedroom when she’d called me to the kitchen to help her with the sink?

My cock, filling up her vagina, her eyes glued to mine, all I could think of, was the porno I’d just been watching. The fact that it was a son fucks mom flick, really didn’t help at all. Hell, it made things a whole lot worse. If it had been some teenage cheerleader porn, then I would have probably pulled out straight away.

But now that I was inside her, boy did it feel good, and there was nothing we could do about it now. Neither of us had a time machine to go back and prevent this crazy escapade from ever happening. Yet without a doubt, my horny cock stuck in moms vagina, time seemed to totally stand still.

What was mom gonna do now? I didn’t want to casino şirketleri pull out, it felt way too good. As the phrase goes, the ball was in her court now, I thought, waiting to see what she would do.

Naked in my room, jerking off to a mom and son porn when she’d called me to the kitchen, all I could do, was to throw on my dressing gown, and run down to help as fast as I could. Without any underwear, my hefty tackle was a danger to any woman. Of course she’d need to be pantyless too. And what were the chances of that happening? Surely zero!

In the flash of an instant, mom made her decision too. It seemed she wasn’t gonna pull herself off my cock after all. Instead, in that split second, she made the incestuous, and totally taboo decision, to instinctively push herself down harder onto my horny thick teenage shaft instead.

The chances that mom would be bending over the sink, pantyless, when I came to help her out, while totally without underwear myself, should have been an impossibility. Especially as I was her son.

But the odds were against us both. I had leaned in to help her control the sink as it sprayed water all over her flimsy dressing gown, turning it see through in the process. Yet as I did so, my cock flung itself out through the opening of my own dressing gown, allowing it to slide swiftly into my moms open crack as she bent over the sink. Her dressing gown, just short enough that it rode up perhaps only a fraction of a millimetre above her beautiful vagina, was the finally impossibility that allowed this impossible situation to happen.

Pushing herself onto me, it was obvious, my hefty shaft was way too casino firmaları big for her to reject. Even though I was her son, and she should have pulled away, as soon as I was inside her she resisted her motherly instincts to pull away. Perhaps dad wasn’t giving her the love she needed anymore. Whatever it was, it made her push down on me, silently acknowledging that she wanted me to fuck her. With mom giving me the green light to fuck her tender vagina, I didn’t need any more encouragement at all.

Bent over the sink, her naked body clearly visible through the wet dressing gown, I put my hands around her waist and started to fuck her as hard as I could without a care in the world that she was my mom.

Running my hands all over her wet night gown from her ass to her back and around to her bulging breasts, I fondled them, flicking over her nipples before eventually stripping her night gown off entirely. Now totally naked I ran my hands over every part of her wet body, all the while fucking her as hard as I could.

What were the chances that the porn that I had just watched and was jerking off to, would become the very thing that I was doing right now? How could I have ever known my moms vagina would be filled up with my cock just while I was in the middle of watching a son fucks mom porno? I had hit jackpot, and to top things off, when mom had called me for help, I was a long ways from shooting my load, which meant I had plenty of time inside her wet vagina to fuck her as hard and deep as I could.

Banging my mom, bent over the kitchen sink, my hands fondling her big juicy wet breasts was the most amazing experience ever. Without güvenilir casino a doubt I knew almost every guy had dreamed about doing something like this to his own mom, but the lucky guys like me, who got the chance to actually do it, were close to zero.

Yet here I was, my thick, hard, wet, teenage cock buried deep inside my moms sopping wet vagina, ready to take her sons seed as I blew my load deep inside her.

As I fucked her to the finish, I almost laughed to myself, thinking I might end up getting her pregnant when I finally did cum inside her wanton hole. After all this crazy luck, I couldn’t help but think I might end up getting my mom pregnant and her ending up having a son by her own son! Now that would be some crazy shit.

As I fucked her from behind in the final throes, I didn’t say I word, I just used her like we both wanted her to be used, and then, with a massive climatic rush, I came in my mom. Filling her pussy up with my hot white seed.

Wow! It was amazing, and as soon as I’d finished I simply slid out the of her, figured out what was wrong with the sink, and in a flash I was gone.

We never spoke of that moment again after that. But it wasn’t the last time we had such an erotic moment.

After that I knew she wanted me and would allow me to have her. And every time I got the chance, I tested her again. And every time she let me have her and do whatever I wanted to do to her.

Although this was the first time, it ended up being one of many and very far from being the best. After this time the things we did made most of the things I’d seen on porn movies seem tame in comparison! Mom allowed me to think up, and do anything I wanted. Yet there was one thing we never did. We never, ever, talked during our erotic tristes and we never mentioned it after either.

We both made sure it was as if it never happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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