A Privileged Life

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I grew up in wealthy family. My father was an executive that was gone most of the time on business and my mother (Cherie) did mostly charity work with national organizations. At times we would go a month or more without seeing dad. I started getting sexual desires at an early age and I noticed what it appeared to me was that neither mom or dad lacked a fulfilling sex life. Mom had many friends that would stay for several days in our home and from hearing dad on the phone when he was home it seemed he also had plenty of company on the road. Both seemed content though, at least for a few years. They would spend at least one night together whenever dad was in but rarely more than that.

I guess dad was happy with his success and mom with the money he made. When I grew up my relationship with my father was less than perfect. Actually I hardly knew him since I only saw him maybe 20 days a year total. My mother and I on the other hand were very close. Even though she spent a great deal of time in her charity work we would spend at least 4 nights a week together.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Elizabeth (Liz), I’m 5’4″, 38 years old, blond hair, green eyes, 38DD and 124 lbs. In case you are wondering yes, I’ve had a boob job about 3 years ago. My mother is 55 and stunningly beautiful. She has a personal trainer to keep her fit and also male friends to help. I have a son from a previous marriage and he is 19. Do the math, yes mom was 17 when I was born and I was 19 when my son was born. Because of the wealth of my family I got to finish college and have a child. It was my decision to keep Brian and his father’s decision to run. I married a second time but it failed shortly after it started. I have a good job running a division of the company my father runs but no one knows we are related.

My mom and dad divorced several years ago but maintain a good relationship. He will still stop by about once a month and visit for the night. Both seemed content with the situation and I don’t butt in.

About a year ago I stumbled upon something that at first shocked me then became an integral part of my life. During the summer Brian and I always take 2 weeks and visit mom on her huge estate. Its 100 acres of the most beautiful land you will ever want to see. We ride, boat and relax. Brian is in his junior year of college and truly a gifted individual both intellectually and physically. He works out daily and continues to study daily even on vacation. Mom and I love to spend time together out by the lake in the sun and just talking. As I said she is truly stunning. At 5’5″, an hour glass figure with 38DD breast (natural) and a face that any model would love to have.

One night about 2 days after our visit started I noticed that mom and Brian seemed to disappear at the same time shortly after dinner. Mom has a small house staff to keep things running but no one seemed to know where they had gotten off too. I though maybe mom needed Brian’s help in her room so I decided to take a look. I approached her bedroom without thinking and just opened the door. Now my mom’s bedroom is really a suite. It has a small setting area when you first come in then on to the bedroom through 2 huge doors, 2 bathrooms (his and hers) and a balcony that overlooks the lake. Actually her bedroom suite is bigger than the apartment I had in college.

Well, I entered the setting area and heard talking coming from her bedroom. At first I couldn’t make it out but a couple of steps closer and it became very clear. Mom and Brian were having sex. I had heard those sounds many, many times growing up. Like I said mom had a lot of friends. I stepped closer to the bedroom and peeked around the corner. From where I was neither mom nor Brian could see me. As I watched I heard mom tell Brian to stick his cock into her pussy and hurry up about it. She needed it and couldn’t wait much longer. I saw Brian grab what appeared to be the cock of a horse and place it in mom’s waiting pussy. Mom squealed with delight as Brian did his best to get his enormous cock inside her. Mom raised her legs as wide as she could to accommodate Brian’s huge piece of man meat.

Mom: “Oh fuck Brian. Give it to me baby. You’re splitting me in two! Oh baby what a piece of meat! Slow baby….take it slow. Oh shit that’s good. Is it all in yet?”

Brian: “Not yet grandma. But you’ve got over half of it. Do you want to try some more?”

Mom: “Yea baby….but take it slow. I think I’m about to choke on it now…..That’s it baby. Oooooooohhhhhhh that’s good. You cock is good. Give me some more baby!!!”

Brian was telling her to relax and continued to work on her cunt. Slowly he got over half of his cock into her pussy began fucking her in long slow stokes. Mom kept encouraging him to fuck her deeper and finally took about three quarters of his cock in her pussy but after about 5 minutes it was all she could take and she had a huge orgasm. Brian’s orgasm followed shortly thereafter and a couple of minutes bahis firmaları he fell to mom’s side totally exhausted.

I backed around the corner so mom and Brian couldn’t see me but I could still hear them talking.

Brian: “See, I told you. No woman can take all of me. I want to have it reduced in size. All the women I have been with either run as soon as they see it or if they try they can’t take it and don’t want to see me anymore. That is why I work out so much and study. I just can’t satisfy a woman I only hurt them.”

Mom: “Now Brian, I understand honey and yes you are very big, the biggest I have ever seen but I’m sure there is someone that can handle you. But until you find that woman I’m willing to try for you. I don’t want you frustrated all the time. Anytime you need relief you just let me know. I will find a time and a way to help.”

Brian: “Thanks. You were great grandma. You are the only woman that could ever come close to taking me. I almost had all of it in you. Are you serious about anytime I want too?”

Mom: “Yes, well almost. After handling you I think I need some time to recover. Besides your mother is probably wondering what happened to us. We had better go back down stairs before she comes looking for us.”

Brian: “Yea I guess your right. But maybe later tonight can we do this again?”

Mom: “I do have one question, is there anyone you would like to have been with that you haven’t tried. I mean she might be the one that can handle you.”

Brian: “Well, there is one woman but I don’t think she would even try.”

Mom: “Who is it sweetheart? Maybe I could talk with her and help.”

Brian: “I don’t think it would do any good.”

Mom: “Well, who is it Brian?”

Brian: “Its mom, if I had my choice of anyone it would be mom. Do you think you could talk with her?”

Mom: “Your mom? Why her? I don’t know. She, well, I don’t know. Let me think about it. We’ll see. Now let’s get going.”

I left and headed back down stairs and quickly made myself a very large, very strong drink. What was I going to do? My mother and son had just had sex and I guess I should be mad at mom but I was so turned on that I couldn’t get mad. Besides mom was trying to help my son in with a personal situation. But why didn’t he come to me? I’m his mother. I should be the one he can talk too. Why did he go to my mother instead of me? And on top of everything else Brian wanted to sleep with me, my son wanted to stick that huge prick of his into his own mother!

I was just finishing my drink when mom and Brian came in the room together. Mom started fixing her a drink and talking to me as if nothing had happened. Brian was smiling and for the first time in a long time seemed to have no cares in the world. I began to think that if he had been dealing with this problem with girls for the past 2 or 3 years I could understand why he was finally relaxed. I didn’t think I could berate my mother for trying to help but I couldn’t keep silent either. So I ask both of them to sit down and let’s talk for a while.

“Brian, you seem to be in a very good mood. What’s the good news?”

Brian: “Oh, nothing mom. I just feel, um, relieved, that’s all.”

“Well, that’s good sweetheart. I know you have been working very hard in school lately. But I’m glad to see you so happy no matter what the reason is. And mom how about you? Are you as relieved as Brian?”

Mom looked at me strangely as if she knew that I knew but didn’t want to let on that she did.

Mom: “Honey I don’t know that relieved is the word but I am very content. After all you and Brian are here and doing well. I’ve missed seeing you lately.”

“I know mom, I’m sorry. With my job and Brian away at school it’s hard to make it up here as often as I would like. I think that now though we will come to see you a lot more often.”

Mom: “That’s great news. I so much look forward to seeing you and Brian. Well, I guess it’s time I turn in. I have an early day tomorrow and I need to review some papers before I get some sleep.”

Mom got up and started to walk out. Just when she reached the door she turned and asks each of us to stop by and say good night before we turned in.

“Sure mom, I’ll be glad too. There is something I want to ask you anyway.”

Brian: “I will too. See you later.”

Mom left and went up to her room. Brian and I sat in the den and talked about school for a while then Brian said he was going for a quick workout before turning in. I looked at Brian and wondered if I should ask him about what he told mom but decided to speak with mom first. After Brian left I finished my drink, fixed a third, even stronger than the last one and headed upstairs to my mom’s room. I needed all the courage I could get.

As I entered mom’s bedroom I saw only a single light on in her room. As I entered mom was in the middle of putting her nightgown on. It was sheer with a long flowing sheer robe. He breast were stunning and I kaçak iddaa felt myself getting turned on just looking at her. She always had that effect on me even as a teenager. I would lay awake at night and listen to her and her many friends make love. Even when no one was visiting she would go to her bedroom at night and masturbate and each night I would too. Mom always had an extremely high sex drive and I guess that is where I had inherited it but after two failed marriages I had found a way to put mine on the back burner. Standing here now looking at this beautiful creature that I had listened to night after night I started getting those old feelings back and without my knowledge my nipples started to harden and my pussy started to drip.

“Hi mom, you wanted me to stop by before going to bed.”

Mom: “Hi sweetheart, yes, I have something to discuss with you and I thought it better in private. By the way, you said you had something to discuss with me too.”

“Yes but you first.”

Mom: “Ok, I wanted to talk with you about Brian. He has confided something in me that I think you should be aware of. Now don’t get upset, he only came to me first because he was too embarrassed to speak to you.”

“Ok, so what is it?”

Mom: “This is difficult, but Brian is having a problem with girls.”

“What kind of problem.” (As if I didn’t know.)

Mom: “Brian’s private part, his penis, uh, Oh shit, we’re adults here so I’ll just go ahead and say it. Brian’s cock is too big for most women to handle. He hasn’t found a woman that can take all of it and it scares most of them off.”

“Really, have you seen it?”

Mom: “Yes, I ask him to so I could evaluate the situation. He is telling the truth. He is huge, the biggest I have ever seen.”

“Well what do you think? I mean I guess I need to speak with him. Do you think that he will open up to me?”

Mom: “Well that is the second thing I need to tell you. Brian, well Brian has a thing for you and wants you to try and take his cock.”

“Oh, I don’t know what to say.”

Mom: “What did you have to tell me sweetie?”

“Mom this is difficult but I came looking for you and Brian earlier. I saw you and Brian in bed together. I stood outside the door and watched you fuck Brian. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad as a matter of fact I appreciate what you were trying to do for him. I couldn’t see everything but I did see enough and I heard enough too.”

Mom: “Oh shit! Honey I’m sorry….”

“Mom, that’s OK. I’m not mad.”

Mom: “Well, I guess this isn’t such a surprise then. I didn’t know what to do. When I ask Brian to show me his cock and he dropped his pants I got so excited when I saw it I didn’t know what to say. He looked at me and said something about my nipples getting hard then his cock started getting hard and the next thing you know I had to feel it. One thing led to another and I just had to have it in me. But as hard as I tried I couldn’t take it all. I wanted to, damn, that is the biggest, hardest cock I have ever seen but my poor pussy just couldn’t take it all.”

“I have something else to confess mom, I don’t know how to say this but while I was watching you and Brian I got so horny that I wanted to join you. The thing is it wasn’t just Brian that got me that way. Ever since I was a teenager I have gotten turned on listening to you have sex. It didn’t matter if you were with someone or by yourself; it just got me so hot listening to you.”

Mom: “I’m sorry honey, I didn’t know. Why didn’t you just come on in my bed with me?”

“You mean you wanted me too?”

Mom: “Of course, I have always wanted to be with you but being your mother I knew that I could never take that first step. I just thought you didn’t find me attractive or just didn’t feel that way about me.”

“No mom, just the opposite. I always wanted to feel you. That’s why I got my breast fixed so I could be more like you. I even got mine done the same size as yours.”

Mom: “Well I’m glad you finally told me. Do you think it is too late to do something about it?”

“I hope not, I have been waiting almost 20 years for this.”

Mom: “Well then why don’t you get undressed and let me take a look at you. It’s been a long time since I have had the pleasure of another woman’s touch.”

I stood and undressed slowly wanted mom to see every inch of my body. I slowly peeled my slacks off and wore only a skimpy pair of thong underwear that barely covered my shaved pussy. As I took my black lace bra off I heard my mother gasp and her eyes lit up. I could see that she really appreciated a set of big tits. As I slipped off my thongs mom looked at me as she could tell my pussy was wet. Juice was already running down the inside of my thighs. I started massaging my breast and pinching my already hard nipples mom smiled with approval.

“Ok mom, now it’s your turn.”

Mom stood in front of me and let the sheer robe fall to the floor. Next she let the straps of her nightgown kaçak bahis slip off her shoulders letting the gown hand on her hard nipples. Her hands brushed across the top of her breast and pushed her gown past her 38DD breast. She stood there facing me in all her natural beauty and smiled. Mom reached out for my hand and led me to the bed, the same bed where earlier she and my son had made love.

Mom: “I’m so glad you let me know how you feel. I’ve waited so long for this.”

Mom pulled me down on the bed and started rubbing my breast as I started rubbing hers. She leaned forward and started licking my nipples and I thought I would cum just from her touch. As she started sucking on my tits she slipped her right hand down my body to my already wet pussy lips. She parted my cunt lips and inserted a finger deep inside me. In a matter of seconds I was on the verge of cumming. She continued to suck my nipples moving from one to the other as she finger fucked me with expert strokes. She slowly slid down my body and rolled me over on my back. I opened my legs as she began to lick my wet pussy. I began massaging my breast, pinching on my nipples as mom continued to lick and suck my hot wet cunt. In a matter of minutes I was cumming. Mom stuck two fingers into my pussy and began to fuck me furiously.

I bucked against her finger fucking as I screamed for her to keep fucking me. I had not had such as release in several years and the pent up desire was more than I could take. Suddenly she moved her fingers down to my ass. Slowly she began inserting her fingers that were coated with my own juices into my asshole. I could not believe the wicked sensation that I felt having my own mother fuck my virgin ass with her fingers. Within seconds I was having my second orgasm which was stronger than the first. After I began to recover I motioned mom to come up beside me. As she moved up I began by kissing her eyes and lips, cheeks and neck. Sweet, sensual, sexual kisses all over her body. I slowly moved down to her magnificent tits. I began to squeeze them and suck her hard nipples. I loved the feel of her breast and her nipples in my mouth. I continued to squeeze her tits as I moved down leaving kisses and licks down her stomach until I reached her sweet pussy. I had never licked a pussy before but this one I have long sought after. She pulled up her knees to provide me full access to her sweet cunt. As I began licking and sucking on her she started to cry out in pleasure.

Mom: “Oh sweetheart, this is better than I ever imagined. Better than all those time I fucked myself thinking of you. Better than I ever hoped for. Oh fuck, this is so good. Keep licking me. I love the feeling of your sweet tongue on my wet pussy. Make me cum; make your mama cum….”

I rose up on my knees so I to give me a better angle to get to mom’s sweet juicy cunt. I started fucking her and licking her hard little button as she screamed for release. I started fucking her faster and deeper with my fingers and increased the pressure of my tongue on her hard little button. She screamed that she was cumming and moments later I felt a flood of juice running down my fingers. I licked as much of mom’s cum as I could as she continued to pour.

Mom slowly recovered as I slowly kept finger fucking her tight pussy. Suddenly mom opened her eyes and smiled.

Mom: “Dear, I believe we have company.”

I turned and behind me stood Brian at the foot of the bed. His pants were around his ankles and he was stoking his incredibly large cock. I couldn’t believe the size of it. Even though I had seen it earlier fucking my mother the size up close was unbelievable.

Mom: “Dear, I think Brian needs you now.”

I turned to Brian who had a look of passion in his eyes that turned me on even more. I smiled motioned for Brian to join us.”

Mom: “Brian, I think it’s time your mother tried to satisfy you.”

“Yes Brian, I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck your mother with your big, beautiful cock. Please stick your prick in my pussy. I need it now….”

I bent down to lick mom’s sweet cunt as Brian got on the bed behind me. I opened my legs as wide as possible as he moved the huge head of his cock up and down against my pussy. Immediately I became wet with just the thought of him entering me. I pushed against him and felt his cock head start to enter my cunt. It stretched me more than I had ever felt but the more filled I became the more I wanted.”

“More Brian, give me more. I want all of you in me. Go ahead; shove that big cock deep into my pussy. I can take it. I want all of that cock in me.”

Brian pushed forward and slowly started sinking his cock deeper and deeper into my hot cunt. Then he started to pull out and push back in. In and out, in and out and with each stoke his cock went deeper and deeper into me. I started to cum from the massive amount of pressure but Brian kept trying to get deeper.

“Yes Brian, keep going, I want all of it. I want to take all of you in me. Fuck me….fuck your mother….I want to fuck all of you….”

In a matter of moments Brian stopped. I couldn’t believe the feeling. I was filled with more cock than I ever thought imaginable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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