A Hard Day at Work

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I walked into Radio Shack as it was about to close. I had been fantasizing about spicing up me and a lovers sex life. He happened to work at Radio Shack. His name was Jason. We had talked a few times and discussed doing this but me showing up would be a surprise. I was wearing something that I usually would not be caught dead in. A very short black skirt, complete with slit. A very tight fitting, button-down fire red shirt. The outfit was complete with black stockings and very strappy, black high healed shoes. I could see heads turn as I walked through the store. I saw who I was looking for, Jason. He was at the counter, ringing up another customer. Luckily, he didn’t see me yet. I sauntered over as the last customer walked away. I placed my elbows on the counter, very obviously giving him an excellent view of my chest. When he looked up I could see the surprise on his face. He slowly began to smile. He knew exactly why I was there. He looked at me as he came from around the counter. Jason walked causally over, trying to hide his very obvious reaction to my outfit. He came over and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, “I’ll just be a minute.” Jason went into the back and let the guys know that he can close up and that they can leave. The all gave him a surprised look but they took off anyways.

I was waiting for him, sitting on top of the counter, my legs slightly spread. Jason walked over and said; ” This is a nice surprise”.

I told him, ” Told you I wanted you”. I grabbed him by his shirt and started canlı bahis kissing his amazingly sexy lips passionately and aggressively. I slowly moved my hands down and started unbuttoning his shirt. He started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear as he unbuttoned my shirt. I was wearing a black, barely there, lace bra. But he needed to see my breasts, one of his favorite parts of my body. He took his hands and expertly undid the clasp. He slowly moved the straps down, exposing my big breasts and their extremely hard nipples. Jason quickly moved his mouth to my breasts and began sucking on each, knowing how wet it would get me. But he didn’t stop there. He slowly began kissing down my stomach. I lifted up my skirt for him so he could remove my stockings so he could get to my nice, wet pussy. He came to me, looking hungry. First he decided to tease me a little. He took his finger and was just gently rubbing my clit. I started to moan. Then he slowly started putting his fingers inside of me, getting me ready for what was about to come.

He spread my legs wide and slowly went towards my wet cunt. He spread my juicy lips and slowly began to lick my clit. I couldn’t help gasping. It felt amazing. He knew exactly how I liked it. I put my hands in his dark, sexy hair. He moved his tongue lower and decided to explore the inside of me. His tongue slowly went in and out. I can’t help moaning his name. He moved his tongue back up to my clit and worked it until he knew I was about to explode. The he stopped.

He pulled bahis siteleri me off the counter and told me that it was his turn. I went to my knees and slowly began to undo his belt. I wanted to make him wait as long as possible. I undid the button and slowly unzipped his pants while he leaned up against the counter. I slipped off his pants and boxers. His nice, long, hard cock is definitely ready for me. I slowly circled the tip with my tongue and then I moved my tongue down the nice hard shaft. Then I slowly licked the piece of skin between his balls and then I took one of them in my mouth and gently sucked on it. I could see the pleasure on his face as I continued to suck on one of his balls and slowly massage his dick. I moved away and took his whole cock in my mouth. I could tell how bad he wanted me. He grabbed my head with both of his hands and started fucking my face. He knew that I loved it when he dominated me. I could tell he was getting close so I made him stop.

I pushed him aside and jumped back onto the counter, my legs spread wide, waiting for him. He came in closer to me with his hard dick, looked me in the face, and slammed it inside of me. We both moaned with pleasure as he slowly moved in and out of my wet pussy. He grabbed my tit and started playing with my nipples. He started to go harder and faster as I screamed his name. I begged him to let me rub my clit so he put my hand down there. I rubbed my clit hard and fast as he roughly rammed my pussy. I could feel my orgasm coming. I start to scream bahis şirketleri “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I shuddered as I felt the ultimate pleasure surge throughout my whole body. Jason thrusted harder and harder until I was screaming his name and begging for more.

He took me off the counter and bent me over it. He slowly put his dick into my pussy. Then he grabbed my hips and started fucking me really hard. He asked me if his little slut liked it rough and I moaned oh god yes. He slammed me even harder and grabbed on to my hair. He pulled my head back so my back was arched and he rammed his huge cock all the way into my wet cunt over and over again. I could feel him getting close to cumming but I wanted this night to be special.

I told him to stop, turned around, and whispered into his ear that he could have what he wanted. He knew exactly what i was talking about. He bent me over the counter again and spread my ass cheeks. He slowly ran the tip of his dick around the forbidden entry. He slowly moved the tip in and then slowly the rest of his amazing cock. He had never felt anything so tight. When he saw that my body had adjusted he slowly began to push his cock in and out. To my surprise, it felt amazing. I began to moan loudly. He took that as a good sign and started to go faster and harder. I started to rub my clit. It was the most amazing feeling for the both of us as he slid his hard, long cock in and out of my tight ass. We were both screaming at this point. I could feel his rhythm and I knew he was ready to cum. I clenched my ass as tight as I could when I felt him explode inside me. We both fell to the floor gasping for air. Neither of us could never look at a Radio Shack again without wanting to jump on each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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