A good day!

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A good day!
This happened about a year ago.

I was working from home, which meant that if my buddy, Marc was also working from home, he could come by and feed me a load of cum. So I emailed him in the morning and he replied telling me that his wife took the day off and he didn’t think that he could get out. I was disappointed, but understood.

Being horny, I checked Craigslist (they still had personals then) and saw an ad in the M for M section, for a 45 year old married white male, 5’7″, 170, 6 cut cock looking for a blowjob to completion, he also said he was not looking to reciprocate, which was fine with me. The ad also mentioned several towns near me, where he was looking to travel. I responded to the ad, letting him know that I am a married, chub cocksucker and I would be happy to get him off. We exchanged several emails and he told me he could be at my place in 10 minutes. I was so horny!

He arrived exactly when he said he would and we went up to the master bedroom. Once there he took off his shorts, shoes and underwear güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and laid on the bed. He was very good looking, hairy, except for his cock and balls which were shaved. I got between his legs and began to kiss his soft cock, looking forward to seeing it hard. In about a minute he was almost fully hard and I began to lick and suck on his balls. Hard, he was a solid 6″, cut and very THICK! I was pleasantly surprised.

I hooked my arms behind his thighs so I could caress his abs as I went to work sucking his cock. His cock was absolutely amazing! Not the biggest one I have ever sucked, but he fit my mouth so well! I could deep throat him with ease and before long I was really going to town sucking his cock. He took out a bottle of poppers and was taking a hit every few minutes. As I sensed him getting close, I backed off and went back to sucking his nuts. After a minute of that, he placed his hands on my head (I love that) guiding me back to his cock.

With his hands güvenilir bahis şirketleri on my head, he began pumping his hips, fucking my mouth as i sucked him. I reached up and began playing with his nipples which caused him to start leaking pre-cum. It was delicious and knew right then I would swallow his load!

I kept sucking him, taking him deep while playing with his nipples. Each time he got close I would back off. I wanted to edge this stud! His cock was so good I didn’t want it to end. However after nearly a half hour of teasing him he was ready to unload.

He warned me that he was going to cum, and I moved my mouth so that the head of his cock was resting on my tongue. I felt his cock pulse and soon my mouth was filled with his delicious jizz! I swallowed and he came more making me swallow a 2nd time. I kept licking and sucking his cock until he began to get soft.

He then got dressed and said he’d let me know if he was free during the day again. Then he left.

An hour later, I was busy doing work canlı bahis şirketleri when I noticed an email from Marc. He said he had to run some errands and he could stop by in 15 minutes. I told him to come over!

Marc arrived shortly there after and came into my downstairs office, had me put on gay cocksucking porn as he removed his shorts and boxers. He climbed onto the wooden box on the floor which put his cock at perfect mouth height as I sat in my office chair. His cock is about 4″ and not super thick, but he is enthusiastic and always cums a nice load. He was already hard (as he usually is when he gets here) and I began working his cock and balls, sucking and slurping away. I knew how to get his pre-cum flowing and worked my magic. I was drinking that sweet nectar that was now leaking from his cock.

Marc told me that he had jerked off earlier in the morning, so I would really need to work to get him off. That didn’t discourage me at all, I just doubled my efforts and in minutes I had him begging me to stop so he wouldn’t cum so soon. I did back off and licked and sucked on his balls while he came down a bit. But then I went back to sucking him building up a steady rhythm to bring him off. About 2 minutes later, I was rewarded with more than a mouthful of cum for the second time in less than 2 hours.

It was a good day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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