3 Negro sons from 3 cheap white sluts1

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3 Negro sons from 3 cheap white sluts1
Well, so here we all were, more or less, at the same time, all 3 of us Black loving whores, banged up to the hilt with our Nigga sons, bellies bulging and ready to drop them! This was my 2nd,., pregnancy to my 2nd BBC stud, so I knew what to expect! Putting the brat in there was the fun part, having my cunt stretched and feeling that hot jizz explode at 1,000mph, blasting my womb, spilling over my fertile eggs, making me cum silly. Making feel like a proper bitch. Blacky Africa, invading this pure white married bitch! But now my pussy was about to stretch and gape again, so Rastus could slide out, head 1st. Yes, my black stud and I have named him that. I know it is a cliché, but my stud insists!
For a few days he had been kicking my belly in and my ribs, his big baby size 10’s pushing off my rib cage, his big head making my cervix bulge, cracking my uterus open. My pussy was feeling hot and randy for some reason too? Mick my limp and tiny cocked hubby was in our married bed, watching Rastus roll about in my bulging belly as my white baby doll nighty was being kicked about, the sheer nylon floating off in the air, then wafting back on the stretched bulge and making my re-filled udders roll about on my chest! My pussy lips swelled and pouted open, as Rastus explored from the inside where his Daddy had been! The see through nylon panties, getting ready for the stretch ahead! He asked if I was alright. I told him, ‘yeah of course, it’s just Rastus making ready to come out.’ Mick felt my belly, as I placed his hand on it. I told him,’ Yeah son number 2….hahahaha.’He peered up my open cunt and could see my cervix throbbing, as Rastus headed it from inside, his black curls occasionally popping out, he Looked like a Negro worker digging the Channel Tunnel!!!
He replied, ’Oh love. What have we come to? I mean soon 2 Negro sons? I mean is it shaming me a white husband? What will my friends neighbours and family think of me?’
I told him to stop worrying. After all I had slipped up before, whilst playing and got knocked up by a big butch Negro. So did it matter? No surprise that I was a Nigga whore!
He asked when he would be due. I told him in 2 days, except Rastus was a bit more eager to show!
Meanwhile little baby sitter Sue was about due. She though, with her tiny frame, had mostly had to stay in bed now. When she did get up, she could only walk about 5meters, her legs apart, clutching her huge bulge to carry it in both hands. She would stop and sit, looking all pale and withdrawn, as if she had an alien in her, sucking her power, in order to discard her when born! She still though wore her skimpy school girl skirts and sheer white blouses, now her swollen titties pulling at the buttons. Her young black boyfriend Jamile, still thinking the brat was his, he helped her to stagger about. Her Mother thought it was his too. We knew though that the Huge African Chief, King Masala had filled her up, with his over fertile spunk. This was payment for use of the Big Man’s taxi service. Young Sue had been fucked in the back and front of the cab, over the bonnet and in our house. Still a mystery how she took his enormous cock in that tiny teen cunt? Her tits had swollen now, like 2 perfect pink torpedoes’ topped with huge swollen nipples and rested on her Nigga son, inside of her. Her milkers at the ready, looking like the tissue thin white skin would erupt and explode at any minute, nipples cracked open and dripping!
Tracy, the fat Anal sex loving slut was nice and well fat…lol! She was coping OK and her white hubby, still no idea of her accident with a random Black lad. He had finished himself off up her cunt, blowing his eager load, not knowing his luck, after a night of Anal perversion. Her hubby was going about his chest puffed out, boasting about his fertility, and her belly size! Little did he know yet about her blacking! Her yet unnamed baby was still hanging on in there. She is so fat that the pregnancy was only noticed when she was naked!
In fact Tracy was still taking Negro callers to the flat. Her hubby Mark was often away on business. She had told my hubby Mick that he could watch out for her, in case Mark may come home unexpectedly. In return, she allowed him access to the upstairs area, on the roof terrace, where if she left only the net curtains across the window, so he could spy her. She had called a few lads over, all new ones, who had found about her Anal perversions from mates. It was about 11pm, Mick said. Not a warm night, so he was cold on the terrace as the lads arrive in a black BMW. He saw them get out, 5 very tall lads, all about mid 20’s, he thought! They rang her street side door bell and she buzzed the door. Within minutes they were in her lounge and kissed her 1 at a time. A few held her ample ass as they did. She liked that.
She was wearing a black rubber skirt; it was like a wide belt, very short. Her top also rubber, only just covered her tits, the slightly open cleavage, sleeveless, and the gap left by the skirt and top allowed her pregnant son to stick out. She did a little dance in front of the lads, after pouring them a drink and leaving the bottle with them. She wore a pair of patent leather, shiny, pink high heels and no stockings. Her fat legs all pocked with cellulite and wrinkles. She teased the lads, with her knickers on. She wiggled her wanton ass over the lads and if they tried to grab it she would pull away, quickly, as if to piss them off and obviously pay for her rejections later!
They took turns in pulling out their huge black pokers and wanked slowly, whilst watching the slut. She made ready by taking greasy lube and fingering her ass hole with a finger. Suddenly, not able to wait any longer the 1st lad stood and slapped her ass roughly. He towered over the fat slut, lifted her rubber skirt and looked to aim for her dirty hole. She parted her ass cheeks and he was in, all the way the balls. It took him a bit by surprise as he slid all the way up? He looked at his mates and grinned. He was saying something, Mick could not hear though. He rode her holding onto her ass, then his face went all serious as he spunked her full, screaming out with pleasure. The next lad was stood ready and as his mate sucked out his long fat shaft, in went the next stranger. He too lost his spunk in minutes to her, dropping out the wet shaft and near to collapse. The other 3 lads followed and all were anally milked very quickly. Not a drop of their mixed milk shake was lost out of her ass hole. Their rods, still dangling down dripped onto the expensive rug. They stayed naked and reloaded their spunk pistols. Tracy wasting no time, aware that Mark may return early sat on top of one guy sat on the sofa, facing him. She guided his still spunked up rod between her ample pussy lips. Down she slid, easily. The lad un-wrapped the rubber from her tits and out they heavily fell. He picked one up and slurped away on a Mummy nipple. It started to splatter milk all over. She leant forward to help him drink, like a new born. She also winked her fat middle finger to the lads behind. They in turn caught on to her needs and one of them big black dick in hand made for her gaping ass hole. He sank again to his ball sack. The other lad asked him to move over and joined him, up the same wide hole. The other 2 went around the sofa and rammed her head into 2 big stiff cocks. She was delighted now all 5 lads were living in her. The friction from cock on cock in mouth, pussy and ass hole was making all the lads noisy in there. Tracy was screaming with pleasure. She looked like a wanton slut over her shoulder towards the curtains and with gaping mouth sucked up the air as they fucked her abused ass hole. The cocks all let go of their baby batter, but Mick said it was impossible to say who, when and how many times? All the lads moaned, groaned and yelled out, having the ultimate orgasms! Amazing that when it was over and the cocks were pulled from her slut body, not 1 drop of cum came out of her. She loved keeping her cream prizes.
The lads got dressed, she not, still without her nicks. They left quickly. Mick tapped the window, shivering, she let him in.
‘Now then Mick, I want to thank you for standing guard,’ she said. Just then her mobile rang. It was Mark, saying he was on his way home.
‘Fuck me Mick, close shave, it’s Mark!’ she explained. ‘Best he doesn’t find this cum in me. Do you want it love?’ she asked.
Mick sheepishly admitted he did.
‘Dirty fucking bastard,’ she taunted him with. ‘Ok do you want this big load of Nigga spunk in a pair of my used panties or shall I blow it into your mouth?’
Mick wanted it for later. He could perv over it, smelling it and licking the disgusting cold brew! So she went for the laundry basket. He watched as she bent over and blew the ass cum out. He said it was so clean and white. Then her cunt bubbled and frothed her juices and her stud’s spunk. She had though eaten the blow job cum. A little was in her hair and neck, which he then pointed out to her. She wiped that with her hands and licked the fingers clean. She burped and her breath stunk of musky, fertile black seed.
‘Hey Mick, again big thanks and say fuck all, remember, ok?’ she warned him.
‘Erm yes, of course love, sorry, I will. Only thing is, are you changing for Mark? I mean rubber stuff? What will he think?’’ Mick worried over.
‘Nah, I will blow him off, then I can blame him for my spunk breath…hahahahaha!!!’ she roared.
Mick took her heavy soaked nickers and left the flat, this time via the front door, before Mark saw him there. He placed the nickers in a plastic bag to keep in the dirty sticky spunk.
Little Sue called me to ask what is what like to give birth to a very big baby? I told her to hang on in there and relax. Yes of course Nigga babies are huge and boys really make it hard for a white Mum. They have broad shoulders and big asses, not to mention big young dicks, from Daddy! A Black Mama is equipped to spit one out, but not us girls!
‘Oh Fuck, Mrs Smith. I am so scared!!!’ she blubbered. ‘Mr Masala has shown me photos of his Afro wives, both pregnant ones and then the babies after birth. He is there grinning away, arms folded, like a proud giant. The wife looks half dead with the pain!’
‘Is Masala going to be there then, or your boy Jamile?’ I asked her.
‘Mr Masala said I was to call him, and then he can carry me to the maternity home in his cab. Just me though and not my boyfriend.’ She explained.
‘Oh why just you?’ I asked her.
‘Well you know Mrs Smith. I have to pay him for the trip!’ she tripped out.
‘Pay him, love?’ I asked.
‘Yes. It is OK, I am sure a blow job will be OK. He loves me to suck him as he drives illegal bahis about. My head down in his lap as he drives me.’ She explained.
‘I said to her,’ Fuck, he is amazing. I bet you’re full of him all the time then love?’
Quietly she uttered….’ Yes, I guess I am. Most days I use the cab and I pay him so as I don’t have enough money. Longer trips I give him more. I will let him watch the birth and not Jamile, after all it’s his baby in me.’
‘Mmmm…when did he last see you love?’ I asked nosily, just a wee bit jealous!.
‘Oh, it was last week, he took me to clinic,’ she confessed.’
‘I see and how was he with you love? Did he need something from you then?’ I continued eagerly.
‘Ermm…well kinda yes he did,’ she shyly said, looking at her massive bulging belly, stroking her new son inside her.
‘What, I hope it was gentle. I mean look at you! You’re about 5 times bigger in your waist line. You can’t see your legs, or walk. You’re going to burst the way things are going! I mean a little teeny girl like you should not have had to take a huge African man, like you have done. You are completely exhausted. What did he do to you?’ I asked, expecting no surprising reply.
‘Well as we drove to clinic, for my scan, he said he was full to bursting with cum. Much more so than he usually was. He made me handle his big fat penis, under his tribal kilt. I knew it needed me from how hard it was. I stroked it and he was wet, dripping. His huge balls heavy and bulging inside his ball sack’, she explained.
‘Wow, poor love and you in this state. So blow job then?’ I asked.
‘I was hoping so, Mrs Smith, yes very much just that. As usual I bobbed down and started to suck him. I thought great; he is already cuming, as he was salty and sticky. He held my head onto him with his big hand and covered my head with it, every time he had to stop the taxi. He chatted to another driver out the window of his cab, then, blasted some cum into my mouth as he did, making a loud groan and gripping my head tightly. He was not wrong about his loads, they were as usual very heavy and it made me choke for air. Again he did this as he pipped his horn and shouted, ‘fucking lovely love,’ to some attractive girl on the street. He tugged my hair about to fit his bell end where he best wanted it. We drove to the clinic and he sprung round to my door and helped me out. I held onto him and wobbled into the clinic, full of to be Mums, like me. Most of them were young and small like me, and most with a partner, all white though. I must admit we were being stared at, as Mr Masala held me tight and then sat me down, on a chair. I think they were looking at him mainly. He was wearing his tribal dress, kilt, leather warrior shirt, sandals, and no socks. His hair was in coloured beads. As usual he was not wearing any shorts and as he was still horny it showed!!!’ she said.
‘Oh my, was you embarrassed then?’ I asked.
‘Yes a bit. One of the girls I was at school with was in the room and she knew Jamile. At least Jamile knew that Mr Masala had taken me today…phew! It was when a chair was spare next to me he sat down. The girls and partners opposite could see the big poker and balls between his legs, hanging down. They tried not to stare, but they did anyway? Then they looked at me as I stroked my big belly, baby kicking inside. I was in pain and moaned a bit. Mr Masala looked and grinned and threw his arm over me, kissing his sex doll! The guy next to him said ‘Hi’, to him. He said’ Hi Bro, how’s you doing there?’ The guy politely said he was good. Masala asked was it his 1st? He told him excitedly yes it was. Cool he told him, I lost me count…hahahahahaha, he roared, pointing at me!!!’ she stated.
‘Shit, so now the entire world knows it’s the big mans in you, you poor love,’ I sighed to her.
‘I know, yes, I know, Oh I don’t know what to do Mrs Smith,’ she cried out.
‘It’s all OK love, maybe it will blow over. Baby has to come anyway. Look the big man put Baby in you after all’ I tried to say wisely. ’Oh and how was the scan love?’
Sue broke down at this point; she was crying and sobbing now?
‘Oh Mrs Smith, the nurse said she could see 2 babies in my womb? She asked the Doctor to come in and see too. I was turned onto my side as they rubbed gel over me bump. Yes he said there are 2 in there; I asked how they had not seen that before. They said that the one at the back had been hidden, since the one at the front was bigger and hiding him, yes both boys! The nurse squeezed and rolled the babies around in my womb, so we could see them both on the scan. The hidden one had grown to catch up. She said I was feeding him well now and both were doing great. She also said it’s why I was like a house in size and should now just get bed rest! I told her I now understood all the punching and kicking in me, as they must be playing in there.’ Sue exclaimed.
I asked her did she tell her big BBC stud. She said she had done and he just grinned.
Sue said,’ I asked the Doctor why twins? He asked about my boyfriend a bit. Did we have frequent sex etc. I told him yes very often and was an older man than me; already he had made lots of k**s, to other ladies. He asked her was it the tall well-built African Gent in the waiting area? I blushed and admitted it was. The Doctor had noticed him on the way in. Hah said the Doctor, well I will make a guess in your case that his sperm has been successful in finding 2 of your eggs at conception. This has to happen at the same moment. Neither gives a signal in time to say you have been fertilised by him and because his sperm is very strong, your white lady, delicate eggs allow very willingly entry as the huge African man’s sperm head drills into the egg wall, the tail of the sperm slashes and whips about very aggressively, pushing the egg wall deep, until it pops. The egg is so dominated by the virile sperm, which the egg acts as a donor only for his genes. Meaning your c***d will be exactly as Daddy and not you. In this case 2 BIG NEGRO Gents, like your man. We have often seen millions of very excited sperm follow into the egg too and millions sat around the egg, in case they have a chance to do their duty. If you had more eggs at this moment, in your womb, then the rest of the strong sperm would do the same. You being a fertile young Lady and at the point of your own orgasm with your man most likely will have had eggs in each fallopian tube. Ladies who breed with African men, usually don’t need to worry about a cycle, as the sperm will stay packed in the womb for up to 4 weeks, that is if your man is, shall we say well packaged and I sure looking at him he is! So you may not have conceived at the moment of his ejaculation, but days after, whilst you were asleep, or even at school! Yes my dear you are a lucky girl indeed and congratulations to you both. He went from the room and invited Masala in, thinking he was my husband! The Black Daddy towered over us all and was shown his 2 sons. He came over to me and rested his huge shovel sized black hands on my stretched belly and felt the 2 big lads in me. The Doctor said well-done Mr erm???? Masala said, ’Call me Chief! How bigs they gonna be when born?’ Doctor said I think about 14 lbs each, Chief.’ He then looked at me and explained the staff would help me!
‘Oh I like to talk to you Mrs Smith; you’re so wise a Lady. Thank you.’ She said to me.
‘That’s all OK love, don’t you worry. Now did that big black brute get you home OK?’ I enquired.
‘Well sort of. He helped me back into the car and said he would make a slight detour with me. Of course he got my head back down and drove with one hand, the other rolling my head about on his big penis. He said his mate owed him some cash, so drove to his garage. I tried to come up as he pulled up, but he shoved me back down. The car stopped and he put the window down. His mate leant in and they shook hands. I could not see him, but his deep voice was a black mans.
‘Hey what you packing there Bro. Hahaha’, he laughed out.
‘ Haha, Bro, me has a right one here and sucking ma juice, you digs me?’ Masala boasted.
‘Woooowhoo, you’s been real busy in that hoe, I can see Brother. I thinks me you blew her up with a ton of Nut, hahaha,’ he laughed.
‘Yeah, you bet yer I did. She rides ma spunky stick mighty fine and givin me another 2 Nigga Boys in dat Bitch girl and one happy Niggas Dick,’ he boasted.’ Any ways tanks for the doe Bro. We got a go and finish some business you get me?’ Masala pitched in.
‘Yeah, take it easy, don’t kill her now…hahaha,poor bitch’ the Black stranger roared.
I had taken a good mouthful of his excited eager cum as he spoke to his mate, making Masala groan. His mate said, ’Lucky Bastard, she suck you gud boy. Pull her up and let me see dat Bitch’s cute face’
With that I was yanked up by my man’s his big hand tugging my hair. My aching stretched mouth, sucked off his swollen bell end. He pulled my face up proudly, held up, like a beheaded Queen to show his mate. Spunk running down my chin!
‘Fuck, Hey Chief give her one for me Bro….hahaha, very pretty’, he laughed.
‘We set off and he drove into a wood. It was quiet and all tree covered, sort of private. He jumped out and came round to open my door and helped me out. I was slow sliding out, my belly swung me around, and it was so heavy. He reached down, held me and kissed my lips, with his tongue in my mouth. He told me I tasted good. I still had not swallowed all his cum. Then he took me to the front of the black cab. I was pushed roughly, face down, over the bonnet with his big hands, one on my pregnant bulge (I imagined the 2 boys sitting on the warm taxi bonnet, watching Daddy in action!) the other on my ass. He used a fat finger to rip my white G-String off, snapping it, with a tug, like it was thin tissue paper and throwing into the leaves under me. He slapped my legs open, pushed me down; baby’s resting on the bonnet. The huge poker rushed up and went right up me. He held the twins with both hands and rode me over the bonnet.
‘Right Doll, time to makes you ready. Yeah time to fuck ‘em out of your little white belly,’ he insisted.’ Oh Mrs Smith, I just came and came on his fat cock. He kept fucking me, hitting them with his huge cock. My uterus was being hammered and my waters started to splash onto my tired legs. He shouted out loud,’ Cum on sons, time to leave this white hoe!’ as he let go of his huge cum load. I too cum again, my pussy contracting and pulsing hot with desire, milking his fat Dick. My waters forced his big pole out of my pussy and he finished off cuming up my ass cheeks, lifted skirt, bare back, shirt and hair. In fact he laughed and told me to look at the windscreen? Yes he had hit that too, as the white bedava bonus veren siteler cum ran down it slowly in thick and thin faster moving streaks! He helped me to get back into the cab; I sat in a pool of cum, on the cold plastic seat, as the cum leaked from me. We parked up outside my Mum’s house and he kissed me. ‘Right Doll, that’s you sorted out. I bet we see my boys tomorrow now…hahaha…Sooner these out, sooner we can put his Bros in there…hey?’, she well and truly explained!
‘Oh poor love. He is a brute’ I exclaimed.
Sure enough she was rushed into the maternity wing, no time for the Big Man, she went in the ambulance, and her mother had to call it! The Big Nigga Daddy was there at the birth though. She did not have it easy. They considered cutting out the black brats, but Masala refused this. The young nurses gave her gas/air and d**gs to ease the pain. The Doctor was amazed at her size and wondered how she would work them out of her. Jamile her boyfriend was in the corridor outside the room. He had no idea Masala was with Sue! Sue screamed and pushed. Her veins near to bursting in her neck! She pushed on the 1st boy hard. His head appeared slowly. She told me she was looking down at the huge black curly haired head as it forced her pussy wide apart. His flat, wide nose just out and already gasping air, his eyes wide open, grinning as his black lips slid past the clit Daddy had often chewed on! Next she had his entire head hanging out, and then her waters showered a young nurse, and not just her waters. In fact some of the Niggas seed mixed with it! Next the wide ebony black shoulders shoved her even wider, must have been a foot wide!!! The Doc poised with his scissors, to cut her cunt wider. He started the slide. Slowly, stopping at his well-formed and well hung Dick, just like proud Daddy, who was now grinning to the blushing nurses! In fact Sue noticed how he was leaning his towering huge powerful frame over a nurse in a thin, white, nylon material uniform. Her nickers showing through the thin nylon dress. His big weapon shoving into her bum crack and funnily she was not resisting it, she seemed to be pushing back onto him?
At last, a wet and sticky boy swung free, just his legs and big black feet to go. He swung out in the hands of the senior nurse and actually had an erection???? Masala was still into the ass crack of the nurse. She seemed to have her hand behind her too?
This nurse said cheaply, ‘My you have a big one.’ Looking hastily at the boy, as if to hide her comments aimed at Daddy!
Little Sue, sweating, was all in, she told me. The Nigga brat had well and truly used her womb as his luxury white home for 9 months and was now eager to get onto the young girls big full titties. She still had No2 to come out! The nurse clamped the gas mask onto her pretty screwed up face, she was now faint and drip white, all colour vanished from her, except the Niggas leaving her cunt. The 2nd 15 pounder, as promised, he was having an easier time of it, as his Bro had kicked her cunt in wide enough, so he could slip out into the world. His party trick though was to enter size 12’s 1st! The big black feet appeared, well the white souls 1st, raising her hopes she might have a white baby in there. Only to be dashed, when the feet poked out of her throbbing pink cunt lips, all ebony black! It looked like the lad was kicking her cunt in. 1st raising one foot then the next, her lips, widening then smacking together. He slithered more and she said she saw his cherub fat ass next, her lips now well stretched out wide, either side of it. The nursed turned him and his big cock swung out, proudly erect! Then with a whoosh, the rest of the youngster rushed out. He was as ugly as his Bro and both like the Big Man! The nurses placed No 2 with No1 on her young swollen titties. They both instinctively clamped on, sucking for Africa, on the lovely white milk. She said her afterbirth fell out, like a discarded punctured life raft. A Doctor came into the room and fisted her remains of it out of her foot wide cunt, then cut the cord to release the last k**! Masala crudely asked the Doc when he could get back up her. The Doc noticed in the excitement how erect Masala had become and what did not escape his notice was the staining on the nurse’s uniform, where the Huge Naked Black had been rubbing against.
‘Well you had best wait at least a week; your wife has been through a big ordeal. Your 2 son’s weighs 15 lbs, each! She has to relax and heal and I see you’re a gifted Black Man and no doubt keen to enjoy her again!’ exclaimed the Doc to him. Sue looked like a badly deflated blow up sex Doll.
Sue told me the Doc left her room and the nurse told the big African to leave her to bond with the boys. Sue was not sure where the nurse and Masala went to? Except some time later she arrived back all full of beans, very red in face and she noticed she was not wearing her dark coloured stockings now?
Jamile was let in the room and she told him the boys were his! His only comment was, how dark the boys were, much more so than him?

I was feeling weird and knew my baby was on his way. I called my Stud, he was too busy, so Mick had to take me to the clinic, for the birth.
Rastus was knocking on my uterus now. I too could feel Rastus all eager to join his Nigga step brother. He was lower than ever now. His head engaged.
‘Mick…GET THE CAR,’ I shouted to him.
He dithered about, then, hurriedly helped me wobble to the car. I was wearing my thin cotton maternity dress, Velcro breast flaps, so I can get my feeders out of. I wore no stockings now and sensible low heels. I could not see the point of any pants either! Unlike young tiny Sue I did not have the problem of stretching my pussy ready. In fact young Rastus was already presenting his head in the dark of the car and between my thighs. My waters had let go on the back seat of Mick’s car.
I screamed out,’Ohhhhhh Mick, he’s here and coming, please drive faster’ As Rastus looked up at Mummy, as I lifted my thin dark dress and smiled at him. My pussy swelled and stretched, allowing the big head to expand me. I actually cum loads as he rubbed past my G spot….mmmm .I could swear he was licking my clit!!!
We arrived just in time. Mick helped me from the car and wheeled me in a chair into the maternity ward. I had to walk open legged and sway, part of the way, my hand holding Rastus in, as the boy held on, his shoulders stuck in my pussy. The nurses giggled as they could see Rastus was ebony, shiny black and Mick white. Rastus was not in distress, in fact lifting my knee length thin dress. I could see he was enjoying the 1st few minutes of birth stuck in my stretched cunt, my stretched slit blowing cum cream out all around his shoulders. He seemed to be enjoying pussy pleasure already!!!
The nurses were in no rush, but they thought it best if I went on all fours and push the black boy out in this position. I thought that was funny, since, this is how he got in there in the 1st place! Mick sat all pale and weak, just watching. The senior mature nurse, said to him, ’not yours then love.’ Then turning to me,’ my you have been a busy Lady. It takes something big and black to put something that big and black in there!’
Now I was really pushing, the nurses had lifted my dress over my fat ass, to get the best view. I was really being stretched wide as the boy’s shoulders parted my cunt lips. I remember cuming and covering him in pussy juice again, which made him, slip all the more, then with a whoosh of waters and afterbirth out he rushed. He was cut away from me, and then I turned to take him, 1st unclipping my dress to get my big tit out. His fat black lips latched on and away he sucked all content, pulling the huge swollen pink nipple into his mouth, the hot mummy milk gushed into his willing throat. He was still slimy and hot as he sucked my thick hot milk. I sat with my legs open and the nurses cleaned me up. I could feel the cold air rush into my empty but wide vagina as it dripped still. The senior matron nurse passed a comment to Mick, ’now love you are looking a bit pale. Bet that was a shock, hey? We can all see Daddy was gifted too, looking at Junior and the size of him. Mind you your wife has done well. I think she will be a while before she relaxes her pussy back for you!’
Mick whimpered, more out of politeness to her, ‘Oh Ok, thanks sister. I will be careful.’
‘Yes pass it onto her boyfriend too..hahaha,’ she joked.
My milk flowed as he sucked and sucked. One nurse returned and asked if I could wet nurse another baby. The mother had no milk. I told her, yes please and slapped the boy on the other big titty. I was in relief as my tits were about to explode and the youngsters were draining them nicely.
Mick came back with a coffee and watched in silence as I fed the brats. I still had my legs open and was still dripping.
He muttered, ‘Oh love your so kind. Can I ask you a question please?’
‘Yeah, of course you can. What is it?’ I asked.
‘Well you know when your home again. Well will you be, well, careful love? ‘He asked me.
‘Careful Mick? How you mean careful?’ I joked. Teasing him.
‘Well can you take a birth control pill, or something? He insisted.
‘Oh, I see. You think I will be knocked up again, do you? Again I teased.
‘Well yes I do, if you put it like that. Well you know how potent these men are who you like to meet. I don’t suppose you will stop seeing them. This is twice now to two different Black men and both times you told me it was a complete accident. So I am thinking the Pill would stop more accidents.’ He stated.
‘Ok. Let me see. I will ask the Doctor today for you. OK?’ I promised.
‘Oh thanks love. It might be best from now on. People are laughing at me!’ he cried.
‘Just one thing love. I will still need Negros attending to me.’ I insisted.
Mick looked at the floor and sighed. ‘Oh really love, really?’
‘Yes love. You can’t make me explode with orgasms and you don’t shoot cum enough for me. But you know that! ‘I bullied him.
Mick left for the night and the Doctor came over to check me out. ‘Now Dear, would you like me to put a few stitches in you?’ he asked, so matter of fact.
‘No thanks,’ I told him.’ My kind of man would not appreciate that…haha.’ There is one thing though. My hubby as asked if you could recommend me a contraceptive of some kind?’
‘Well now, how good should it be? I mean is he going to give you another Baby soon?’ He enquired.
‘Ha. My sons are not his. He is a white man.’ I explained.
‘OK, do you tend to go with younger men, I mean, yes, young black men?’ he needed to know.
‘Oh yes Doctor I do. They are my favourite men, well for many reasons. I am sure yatırımsız deneme bonusu you get me, yes?’ I coyly stated.
He explained in his white coat ‘Yes I do. The only thing is your asking me about a sure way, I think, to stop a baby being made in you. Now with this type of man it is so difficult. You are a sexual combination that is very fertile. You are a voluptuous white blonde Lady and I see, looking at Junior here Daddy is black as coal. I take it he is a 1st generation African man. The sperm of these men is both large headed and powerful, plus trillions of them per ejaculate, which means in easy terms lots of cum on orgasm. Also they intensity of the female orgasm with the length of the penis, means the uterus has no defence from the tip or full head of the penis and painlessly the uterus will allow the whole penis glans to enter the womb, penetrating the cervix. Under normal circumstances the white man would be nowhere near here and the weaker, lesser quantity of cum would just sit in the vagina, waiting for you to be excited enough to allow your uterus to open slightly. Only then can the weak sperm try to swim to your womb. In the meantime the African has squirted all over your fallopian tubes and hit your eggs. Your eggs will be softer too than his African wife’s. She can to a degree resist the very frequent visits to her, but you not! So we could talk about a complete barrier, like the condom and a very strong Pill too. I have advised some Ladies to put 2 condoms onto her man. I can get you these larger types from the pharmacy. One thing you must do is pull off him when he has cum into it. If not you will sit in a pool of his sperm as it is forced down the condom! Next the pill is the Max. strength one. Some Ladies can’t get on with it. It is high in Testosterone, so at least you may grow more hair, or could just feel a bit sickly. We could try you on a Coil; trouble there is he will push it all the way in you. So we will not know it is there. The best way is let’s have a sperm sample in the Lab. We can tell you the strength of it and work out what is the best way.
By the way be careful when you get home and if your friend visits you. In your state you will fall straight back on. That is if he gets in you, intimately! Don’t say I did not warn you. Ok, I will see you later. Don’t forget the sperm sample, I will analyse it myself.’
I called my lover and asked him to pop over, explaining about the sperm tests. He laughed and said yeah let’s have a laugh and do it. I asked a nurse what did we need for a sample and she gave me a bottle, and then closed my curtain, taking the babies off my tits. I took my boyfriend’s big poker, sucked him off and wanked his spunk into the neck of the bottle. It spat all over the bottle and my nighty, of course the bottle easily filled. I called the nurse and she took the hot sticky container to the Doctor. She was amazed I could see at the amount of thick baby batter. She said’ Woooo, someone’s had a nice time in here. Oh Love shall I clean you up too?’
The following morning the grinning Doctor visited me, with the news.
‘Well it’s great news. He is hugely fertile, but I think we knew that already. We have rarely seen sperm so lively and huge and billions of them in that bottle. They are all…..
• Strongly swimming the same way, towards a target egg
• All in line and not tangled in the semen stream
• Sperm heads heads are huge
• The tails are strong and whipping wildly
• We know there are billions of them
• They survive for days in a womb environment
• Ensured Black ethnicity-signature Negro stock
• Ideal for impregnation of mature white ladies eggs
So we cannot assure you of contraception. Yes try condoms. A pill is not safe for you though. I have though a new pubis ring, which we could try on him. You may ask him to withdraw before his orgasm, although I suspect that he will be pre-cuming into you long before that happens, this is how the tight pubis or cock ring can help? If you like I can ask a nurse to show him and you this?’ he summarised.
A big blonde nurse was the instructor for the cock ring. She took us into a small room and opened a plastic packet. A small white ring fell out into her hands, a bit like a condom’s base ring, without the teat or rubber sheath. My man dropped his pants and she instructed me to hold him, as she got the ring ready. He stared at her big tits and cleavage, pushing out of her thin uniform. He was soon hard and poking skyward as I held him. She tried the ring over his tip pulled back his foreskin. It needed a fitting a few sizes larger though. She opened the XXXXL package, biggest ever made and tried it. It rolled with some difficulty down the long hot and hard shaft. She explained that it must sit about 1” from the root of the shaft and where the spunk tube widens, thus pushing the tube closed. Also at this point there was no chance my pussy lips could roll it further back, during sex! She had to do tests to make sure it fit him both comfortably and tight enough. She slipped a small finger under the ring and saw how elastic it was. Then she told me to wank him, whilst checking his wide cock slit for any signs of his pre-cum. All was OK, so she left us playing, until I made him burst. He shouted out as I pulled and sucked him off to orgasm. The spunk did not fly from the slit; in fact it stayed in the cock and below the band. He loved it just the same and kissed me on my lips lovingly. His Dick stayed as hard as steel and the nurse returned to us.
‘OK, guys, success then?’ she asked.
We did not answer, so she held his fat shaft and nipping his glans slit firmly with one hand, rolled the ring upwards from his long shaft. She rolled it to the tip of his cock and lowered her thumb to push his cock tube shut. Then with the ring removed she asked me to take his cock, replacing her thumb with mine.
‘Ok love that’s it push down hard,(like she was taking his pulse, from a huge squirmy vein) yes you have it, press just there. Don’t let go, OK?’ she expertly instructed me. ‘Now you can choose where you want that cum. You have stopped the whole load cuming up so far. If you like I can leave you, or help you? Warning though it is under a lot of pressure now!’
I released a little pressure as my thumb was aching and she was right a thin jet of spunk flew in the air.
‘Oh wow. No then that is impressive. Do you mind if I watch you both?’ she asked us.
I motioned to her to come closer, no words, just eye contact and she got the idea. We carefully positioned her face in front of the jizz cannon and I let go. Spunk just pissed at 1,000mph all over her face and into her cleavage. My boyfriend moaned and groaned again in a 2nd orgasm as the warm juice hit the blonde full on. Then she had her pink lipsticked mouth on him, slurping him clean. Finally she kissed him and left us.
Later she returned a bit cleaner and said that the ring would be OK as the ring seemed to hold back his love juices and possibly safe to use, but best to pull out before his explosion!
I told Mick that I had at least spoken to the birth control team and I had the new method. Mick did not seem to be happy with that though? He knew somehow I would slip up. I am a bit dizzy though!
Tracy by now had called Mark and told him to get over from his business trip as the Baby in her was kicking now. Mark raced up North, scorching the motorway to get to her. She was waiting bag packed, ready to go to maternity. As usual she was in a disgusting short dress, her big fat thighs on display, and the bottom of her ass cheeks showing. Tracy managed to carry her BBC son easily though, unlike little Sue. Mark helped her into his Porsche and off they went. At the clinic she laid on the birthing couch, her fat cellulite legs held up in stirrups. The nurse asked her if she was all OK. ‘Yeah’ was her basic reply. Tracy said ‘ask me when you want me to ‘fire’ him out and I am all ready HAHA.’
Mark was sweating it out though, a first time father. Even though the baby son was it was born was 20lbs, it was in no hurry to come out of her ample womb. She was overdue, as she was the 1st of us to be impregnated by the accident, during her anal play night. Mick once asked her if she actually knew who DADDY was. She said she thought so, well one of 2 guys, but could not really remember, or more to the point recognise him! Anyway she said it did not matter which BBC it was as the k** would look the same from either.
The delivery nurse helped Tracy up onto the bed and laid her on her back. Her legs were raised into the stirrups and her knickers removed. Tracy told me she was ready to fire the brat out. Mark told Mick that he was astonished how big Tracy’s cunt had become recently and he was puzzled by it, as he was only a little larger than my hubby? He told him by sort of asking, since Mick had been at both my births, how large a Lady opened up? Mick who knew her secret life said, Oh very big, don’t worry, it is just normal!’ The fact was all the huge Mandingo’s had ruined her for Mark’s little pecker pleasure! Mark offered Tracy a bag of jam dohnuts . She said she was starving. Then with one push, she launched the black bastard into the room, the after birth with the bundle of joy. The nurses seemed to be confused, as this streak of ebony shot out of her wide slack cunt? Mark actually passed out and hit the floor! Not sure if from the shock of the fast birth, or her delivery a coal black boy? When he came round later, he thought he had been in a nightmare, but no, he could see Tracy on her bed feeding the black one, his rubbery lips latched to white Mummy’s big brown nipple!
He gingerly and whimpishly, not blaming her asked ‘What happened Love? I mean how is our son black? I mean can that be? Can it be you have blacks in your family line or something?…………..oh Love!’
‘Mark, calm yourself my Love. NO I don’t have blacks in my family, but had a BIG black in me you thick idiot!!! She snorted moving Junior to the other milk filled tit. ‘Come over here. We don’t want these respectable folk listening to us about it-DO WE? She said loudly. ‘Now get to end of the bed and look at my pussy. How do you think it got this huge? Did you wonder why I was getting so fat too, my big fat tits and ass? HAHA and addicted to slutty clothes and outfits! You see you were not MAN enough to stick it up me properly. I did not plan this. You were pathetically banging away and cuming your thin pissy spunk in my cunt, what to no good. So an accident with a Negro lad then this happened YES?’ She scolded him so.
He whispered to her ‘How did it happen and accident, how? I mean where did it happen? Was it one man? How was it an accident? When was it? Do you love him? Will you see him, Blaaaaaaah….Blaaaaaaah!’
‘MARK SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU WIMP!!!! She snorted. Her phone rang so she handed him the big fat baby now and told him to look after his new son! Another young Black stud had heard about her offering her cheap ass hole to BBC studs and was in on it!

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